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G-FAN Issue #39

G-FAN Fanzine Index

Issue #39 — May/June 1999, 68 Pages

  • Cover/Back by John Woodard
  • Back Issue: Available


  • Scoring the Match: King Kong vs. Godzilla by Richard Pusateri
  • A G-FAN Retrospective — King Kong Escapes by J.D. Lees
  • Norman in Wonderfest by Norman England


  • Producer Dean Devlin by J.D. Lees
  • Designer Patrick Tatopoulos by J.D. Lees


  • G-FEST ’99 to be a blast!
  • G-bits
  • News from Toho — Godzilla 2000

Fan Fiction

  • The Journal of Dr. Rex Summeral: To Catch a Kaiju — Part 5 by Skip Peel
  • You’ll Never Eat This Town For Lunch Again — The Gamera Autobiography — Part 2 by J. Christian Grymyr
  • Battles of Godzilla by Gabe McIntosh


  • G-FEST ’99 Details
  • G-FAN Crossword: Godzilla vs. The Thing by J.D. Lees
  • Efjay the Terrible Meets Jean-Pierre the Talented