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G-TOUR 4 Itinerary

Day 1, October 25th (en route)

Your voyage to the Land of Godzilla begins as you board a gleaming jetliner, then soar Rodan-like across the Pacific. Crossing the International Date Line you lose 24 hours, but don’t worry; you get it back on the way home.

Day 2, October 26th (Tokyo)

Upon your afternoon arrival at Narita Airport, you’ll travel into Tokyo, the most exciting city on Earth! Your adventure begins with check-in at the Shinjuku Washington Hotel where you’ll meet G-FAN editor J.D. Lees, your MYK escort, and other group members. Drop off your baggage and then fan out to explore the many delights awaiting you in the Shinjuku area.

Day 3, October 27th (Tokyo)

After a restorative breakfast at the hotel, G-TOUR 4 begins in earnest with a tour of Tokyo and iconic kaiju sites, including Ultraman Street, Daiei Studios and Shop, the Godzilla Square Shin Godzilla statue, Ginza and Yurakucho, and a Toho Studios photo op. We’ll take the scenic Yurikamome Monorail to Odaiba (where Godzilla battled Megaguirus) for lunch at the amazing DiverCity shopping complex. Then it’s off for a visit to the fantastic new indoor theme park Small Worlds Tokyo and its amazing, automated miniature cityscapes. After returning to the hotel, freshen up for an optional Tokyo Bay dinner cruise with surprise tokusatsu guests.

Day 4, October 28th (Tokyo, Sukagawa, Tokyo)

Travel in a luxurious chartered bus to Sukagawa, hometown of Eiji Tsuburaya, Japan’s father of SPFX. Scout for UltraMonsters around town, then visit the SFX Miniature Archives Center. After lunch, we’re off to the Tsuburaya Museum and its displays of kaiju and tokusatsu memorabilia. On the way home, we’ll have a kaiju shopping stop at the Mandarake store in Utsunomiya. Evening at leisure. (Note: Participants not “kaiju crazy” can opt out of the day trip and enjoy TBA cultural activities in Tokyo.)

Day 5, October 29th (Tokyo, Kyoto)

Have anything you don’t want to carry around Japan stored at the hotel as we’ll return on Day 10. Then board the ultra-fast Bullet Train for a brisk trip to the ancient and picturesque city of Kyoto (keeping an eye peeled for venerable Mt. Fuji along the way). An afternoon guided tour takes in such sites of kaiju carnage as New Kyoto Station (destroyed by Gamera and Irys), Kyoto Tower (blasted by Godzilla), and Kyomizu Temple (threatened by the Big G but too precious for him to destroy). Evening at leisure for shopping, exploring, etc. (Kyoto Tower Hotel)

Day 6, October 30th (Kyoto, Awaji Island, Osaka, Kyoto)

A comfortable chartered bus takes the group to Nijigen no Mori Anime Theme Park on Awaji Island offering the option to experience the newly installed Shin Godzilla attraction and Godzilla Museum. (On the ride back we’ll pass through Kobe, stopping for a break if time and traffic allow.) Then to Osaka for a drive-by/photo-op of the castle destroyed by Godzilla and Anguirus in 1955. The tour will also visit the Godzilla Store (as well as the Ultraman M78 Shop, the Studio Ghibli Shop, and others) in the Shin-saibashi PARCO Building, and then explore the Ikutama Shrine, the oldest in Osaka. Before heading back to Kyoto, we’ll stop in Den Den Town with its row upon row of hobby and collectibles shops. (Note: Participants not “kaiju crazy” can opt out of the day trip and enjoy TBA sightseeing activities in Kyoto.)

Day 7, October 31st (Kyoto, Kanazawa)

G-TOUR heads for the western side of Japan, an area rarely touched by most tours of the country. Our chartered bus takes us through the beautiful countryside to Kanazawa with lunch en route. Kanazawa boasts preserved historic architecture dating back centuries which will be part of an afternoon tour that includes Myoruji Temple and gorgeous Kenrokuen Garden, one of the top three in Japan. Evening at leisure. (Hotel Kanazawa)

Day 8, November 1st (Kanazawa, Kurobe Gorge, Matsumoto)

Today G-TOUR visits the mysterious birth-place of King Ghidorah, Kurobe Gorge, on the scenic tramway. View the splendor of autumn leaves near Kurobe Dam, an area rarely traversed by foreigner visitors. Then on to historic Matsumoto. (Tabino Hotel Matsumoto)

Day 9, November 2nd (Matsumoto, Tokyo)

A morning visit to Matsumoto Castle and its famous classic bridge, overflown by Ghidorah after his arrival on Earth. Lunch en route at breathtaking Lake Kawaguchi, at the foot of Mt. Fuji and perfect for pictures of the sacred mountain. Then back to bustling Shinjuku with the evening at leisure and so much to do! (Shinjuku Washington Hotel)

Day 10, November 3rd (Tokyo)

After breakfast awaits an exciting day that includes a morning visit to the Studio Ghibli Museum. After lunch we join the festivities at the celebration of Godzilla’s 70th birthday. Participants will have the option of returning to the hotel via bus or staying late and experiencing Tokyo’s clean and efficient subway system for the trip back to Shinjuku.

Day 11, November 4th (Tokyo)

The last full day of G-TOUR allows time for shopping in the Tokyo G Store as well as the famed Nakano Broadway arcade, an amazing mall of collectible and shops. Then an afternoon visit to the historic Seibuen amusement park for its thrilling attractions: Godzilla vs Ghidorah Ultra-Battle ride and Ultraman: the Ride! Afterward, enjoy an optional farewell supper at the Ultra-themed Kaiju Sakaba restaurant with special Ultra Guests in attendance. Then a last night of kaiju dreams back at the Shinjuku Washington Hotel.

Day 12, November 5th (Tokyo)

After breakfast at the hotel, it’s time for some last-minute shopping or sightseeing before heading back to Narita Airport and home. Or, you may extend your stay in Japan with the assistance of MYK Travel or on your own. Either way, you’ll carry the joyful memories of a unique and splendid G-TOUR.