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G-FAN Issue #141

G-FAN Fanzine Latest Issue

Issue #141 — Fall 2023, 92 Pages

  • G-FEST Continues on Growth Trajectory
  • The Models of G-FEST
  • Where Creature Episodes Roam: Gamera Rebirth
  • Yuji Kaida: Painter of Kaiju
  • “Lost” Kaiju Dino-Monstrs — A Planet of Dinosaurs Retrospective
  • Other “Godzillas”
  • 25 Years and Rising
  • This is the Monster’s Paradise — Why Toho Should Revive Godzilland
  • Requiem: Son of Kong
  • Cyborg Kaiju Krekken — Part 2
  • Small Issues
  • Ape vs. Mecha Ape
  • Discovering Destroy All Monsters!
  • Monsters Come to Life at Universal Studios
  • Where Creature Episodes Roam: Skull Island
  • Pee-wee Herman: A Monster Legacy
  • Giving Thanks For Monster Memories
  • The Mystery Park in Godzilla vs. Megalon
  • 2025: Armageddon
  • G-FAN’s Kaiju Bookshelf
  • All Monster Toys Attack!
  • and more!

Available in comic and specialty stores, or by subscription.

NOTE: Due to a printing error, some images and their captions are missing from pages 17 and 49 of G-FAN #141. The article text was not affected. Rather than scrap the entire print run, pdfs of the affected pages are available to download: Page 17 pdf, Page 49 pdf. Apologies for the inconvenience. — J.D. Lees