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G-FAN Issue #95

G-FAN Fanzine Index

Issue #95 — Spring 2011, 80 Pages

  • Cover by Rudy Gardea
  • Back by Aaron John Gregory
  • Back Issue: Available


  • Japanese Fantasy Cinema: Reflections of Reality by Fabien Mauro
  • Save the Earth! Ecological Messages in Toho’s Giant Monster Movies (Part 2) by Mark Justice
  • Kaiju Underground
  • Big Trouble With Titles
  • Thai-Ju — Giant Monsters in Thai Films by Jolyon Yates
  • Godzilla, Monsters, Gareth Edwards: Legendary S.O.S. by Lyle Huckins
  • Stan’s Fun Stuff: The Revoltech Sci-Fi Series by Stan G. Hyde


  • Actor Akira Takarada by Fabien Mauro
  • Actor George Chakiris by Brett Homenick


  • Kaiju Classics available
  • Earthquake aftermath
  • G-FEST 18 guests
  • American Greetings 2011 G ornament
  • Godzilla Vinyl Market Update by James Bond
  • All Monster Toys Attack! — new toy report by Steve Agin

Fan Fiction

  • The Journal of Dr. Rex Summeral: The Battle That Almost Was by Skip Peel


  • G-TOUR 2 Details
  • G-FAN Junior Kidz’ Art
  • Kaiju Photo Fun
  • My Favorite Monster
  • G-FEST XVIII Details