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G-FAN Issue #67

G-FAN Fanzine Index

Issue #67 — Spring 2004, 84 Pages

  • Cover by Race Floyd
  • Back Issue: Available


  • Monsters Attack Tokyo, Then Santa Monica! by Kevin Horn
  • Tokyo S.O.S. enjoyable but… by Armand Vaquer
  • Godzilla Goes to Kansas
  • HMV Tokyo S.O.S. Event by Daisuke Ishizuka
  • Godzilla’s Roots — The Earliest Stego-Tyrannosaur ‘Hybrid’ by Allen A. Debus
  • Daisazers Attack by Daisuke Ishizuka
  • Kaiju A-Go-Go! Yongary Monster From the Deep by Michael Bogue
  • The Globe Meter by David McRobie
  • Godzilla and the Devil — The King of the Monsters, Jack Kirby and the Bomb by Jarret Keene
  • Kaiju Project Update by Christopher Bobyn
  • Most Excellent Game — Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee is Every G-fan’s Dream Come True by J.D. Lees
  • My First G-FEST by Brett Homenick
  • Dealer Profile: The House of Monsters by Armand Vaquer


  • Director Shusuke Kaneko by Alain Vézina
  • Game Designer Kirby Fong by J.D. Lees


  • Declining ticket sales leads to Godzilla’s demise
  • Final film to be grand affair
  • G-FEST XI registration open
  • Lauded SPFX director special G-FEST guest
  • Ho ho ho! Exciting G-goods coming
  • Marcon hosts G-sessions
  • Last call for G-TOUR
  • Godzilla webs
  • New products
  • All Monster Toys Attack! — new toy report by Steve Agin

Product Reviews

  • Book Review — Visible Ink Press’ Videohound’s Dragon by J.D. Lees
  • DVD Review — Alpha Video’s Godzilla vs. Megalon by Brett Homenick
  • DVD Review — 4Kids Entertainment’s Ultraman Tiga: Prophecy of Evil by J.D. Lees

Fan Fiction

  • Down With Us by Jolyon Yates
  • The Journal of Dr. Rex Summeral: The Turtle’s New Voice by Skip Peel
  • Gfantis Lives! by Timothy Gagnon, edited by J.D. Lees


  • The G-FAN Gallery
  • Special Gamera Centerspread
  • G-FEST XI Details