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G-FAN Issue #61

G-FAN Fanzine Index

Issue #61 — March/April 2003, 68 Pages

  • Cover by Bob Eggleton
  • Back by Thom Lange
  • Centerspread by Trace Floyd
  • Back Issue: Sold Out


  • Dai Godzilla Ten — Great Godzilla Exhibition by Daisuke Ishizuka
  • Mr. Mimura’s Moview Premiere
  • Godzilla vs. Biollante “Reunion” at Shinjuku Loft Plus One by Daisuke Ishizuka
  • The Doomsday Dinosaurs — Cold-Blooded Relics by Allen A. Debus
  • The Globe Meter by David McRobie
  • Land of Confusion — A Look Back at The Lost World of Sinbad by Brett Homenick
  • Mothra’s Mythological Subtext — More Than Meets the (Compound) Eye by Mary Leibach
  • G vs. KG: It’s About Time by J.D. Lees
  • Essential Gamera — A Primer on the Flying G’s Eleven Films
  • Gamera DVD/Video Checklist by Bob Eggleton
  • Stan’s Fun Stuff: Really Tiny Monsters — Bandai’s New Ultra Collection by Stan G. Hyde
  • Dealer Profile: Radioactive Toys by Armand Vaquer
  • The Care and Dusting of Kaiju by Armand Vaquer
  • Majin — The Living Toy Idol by Stan G. Hyde


  • G-FEST X pieces mostly in place
  • Legion’s coming!
  • G x Mechagodzilla: “powerful harmonies”
  • G-FAN 10th anniversary contest winners
  • G-bits
  • New Mad Scientist Released

Product Reviews

  • Video Game Review — Atari’s Godzilla Domination for Game Boy Advance by Matt Paprocki
  • Video Review — Neptune Media’s Gamera vs. Guillon by J.D. Lees
  • DVD Review — Hot Rum Productions’ G-FEST 2002 Official Convention Video by J.D. Lees

Fan Fiction

  • Down With Us by Jolyon Yates


  • The G-FAN Gallery
  • G-FEST X Details