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G-FAN Issue #133

G-FAN Fanzine Index

Issue #133 — Fall 2021, 96 Pages

  • Back Issue: Available


  • Godzilla Singular Point — A Fascinating and at Times Frustrating Puzzle by Lyle Huckins
  • Suitmation American Style by James Russo
  • Spinning Tales with Crazy Spider by Lyle Huckins
  • Chasing Away Those COVID Blues…
  • The Perils of Taking Shortcuts When Building a World by Bill Bussone
  • Monster Island Review by Lyle Huckins
  • The Secret History of Godzilla vs. Kong by John LeMay
  • Godzilla-Kid 1979! by John Hovey
  • The Top 10 Moments in Godzilla Dialogue by AJR Traill
  • Reflections on King Kong vs. Godzilla by Michael Bogue
  • The Champion Festival Versions: Godzilla Dengeki Daisakusen by John LeMay
  • The Return of The Return of Ultraman
  • Kaiju Komics Korner by Nicholas Driscoll
  • All Monster Toys Attack! by Steve Agin
  • G-Goods Round-Up!


  • Composer Richard Band by James Russo
  • SPFX Director Volker Engel by Fabien Mauro


  • Screenwriter Mimura passes away
  • Registration opens for G-FEST in 2022
  • Kaiju Calendar coming

G-FAN Junior

  • Marvelous Mechagodzilla!
  • The Toho Kaijuverse: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not!
  • Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah coloring page
  • The Kaiju Detective
  • Some Trivia About King Kong vs. Godzilla
  • Final Wars Word Search
  • King Ghidorah Crossword

Fan Fiction

  • A Family Meal by Nicholas Driscoll


  • Preliminary info for G-FEST XXVII
  • G-TOUR 4 Details
  • Show and Tell: Volker Engel Scrapbook