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Welcome to G-FAN.com, brought to you by Daikaiju Enterprises (DKE), publisher of G-FAN magazine, the world’s only journal devoted to giant movie monsters, especially those hailing from Japan. DKE also hosts the annual convention known as G-FEST, attracting over 2500 monster fans for a weekend celebration of the genre. In 2004, DKE organized G-TOUR, a voyage to Japan, in celebration of Godzilla’s fiftieth anniversary, and returned in 2011 for G-TOUR II, and 2015 for G-TOUR III. If you love Godzilla and other giant monsters from Japan, please explore G-FAN.com, you’ll find much of interest!

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Terror of Mechagodzilla Poster

Movies announced for G-FEST XXVII

This year, we will be screening Godzilla vs. Megalon, Godzilla vs. Hedorah, Godzilla (1954), Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster, Godzilla vs. Kong, and Terror of Mechagodzilla. See the Movies page for details.

Don Frye

Don Frye returning for G-FEST XXVII

We are happy to announce fan-favorite, professional mixed martial arts fighter and actor Don Frye is returning for G-FEST XXVII. Don is well known to G-fans for his commanding role as Captain Douglas Gordon in Godzilla: Final Wars. NOTE: Don will be located in the Dealers Room, so a mask and proof of vaccination will not be required to visit with him. See the G-FEST XXVII Special Guests page for the full details.


COVID-19 update for G-FEST XXVII

Thanks to the removal of most mask and vaccination requirements in Illinois and Chicago as of February 28, 2022, G-FEST will NOT be implementing any COVID-related barriers to participation. The sole exception will be the Autograph Room, as our Japanese guests have requested that all who enter that one location be masked and show proof of vaccination. Of course, any G-FEST participant that feels more comfortable wearing a mask is welcome to do so.

Tomoko Ai

Special guest announced for G-FEST XXVII

We are proud to announce that special guest of honor, actor Tomoko Ai, the star of Terror of Mechagodzilla will be returning to G-FEST this year. See the G-FEST XXVII Special Guests page for the full details.

Crown Plaza

Another hotel option for G-FEST XXVII

A block of rooms have been reserved at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare for anyone needing another hotel option for G-FEST XXVII. The room rate is $119.00 per night. Click here to make an online reservation with the G-FEST rate.