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Welcome to G-FAN.com, brought to you by Daikaiju Enterprises (DKE), publisher of G-FAN magazine, the world’s only journal devoted to giant movie monsters, especially those hailing from Japan. DKE also hosts the annual convention known as G-FEST, attracting over 2500 monster fans for a weekend celebration of the genre. In 2004, DKE organized G-TOUR, a voyage to Japan, in celebration of Godzilla’s fiftieth anniversary, and returned in 2011 for G-TOUR II, and 2015 for G-TOUR III. If you love Godzilla and other giant monsters from Japan, please explore G-FAN.com, you’ll find much of interest!

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G-FAN poster removal instructions

The poster in the center of G-FAN #118 is held in place by a spot of glue. To easily remove the poster, use a blow dryer to heat the glue spot as you gently pull the poster out. You can use the blob of removed glue to dab and remove any remaining residue from the page. Sorry for any troubles! -J.D.

Keizo Murase

Golden age monster suit maker coming to G-FEST XXV

We are very pleased to announce that Keizo Murase, noted prop and monster suit maker from Toho’s golden age (Baragon, Varan, Mothra, etc.) will attend G-FEST XXV this summer. Mr. Murase and Daisuke Sato will report on their new kaiju film Howl From Beyond the Fog. See the Special Guests page for details.

Howl From Beyond the Fog

Monster suit production campaign with Keizo Murase

Keizo Murase, suit costume maker from Toho’s golden age, is now part of an exciting new tokusatsu project: Howl From Beyond the Fog. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and help bring a new kaiju movie to life!

Comfort Inn Logo

Even more hotel choices for G-FEST XXV

More hotel choices have been made available for G-FEST XXV attendees at the Comfort Inn O’Hare-Convention Center, and the DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago O’Hare. See the G-FEST XXV Hotel page for all the lodging details and rates.

Hyatt Regency O'Hare

Additional hotel options for G-FEST XXV

An additional block of rooms has been secured at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare for those needing more hotel options for G-FEST. Across the street from the Crowne Plaza, and next to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, it’s just a 5 minute walk away. The room rate is $119.00 and parking is $15.00 per day. Click here to make online reservations with the G-FEST rate.

Megumi Odaka

Special Guests appearing at G-FEST XXV

We are pleased to announce that actress Megumi Odaka, star of the Heisei Godzilla series will be returning to G-FEST. Also returning is Godfather of G-FEST, actor Akira Takarada. See the Special Guests page for details.

Crown Plaza

Special rate hotel reservations now available for G-FEST

Hotel reservations for G-FEST XXV at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare are now available. Rooms for the 2017 show sold out quickly, so G-fans may want to book early at the special rate while available. The special rate for G-FEST attendees is $113.00 per night (single, double, triple, or quad). Parking is $10.00 per day. Click here to make your reservation online, or call (877) 337-5793 and ask for the G-FEST group rate (Group code: G18). The dates for G-FEST XXV are July 13th to 15th.


G-FEST XXV registration now open

Register for G-FEST XXV by February 28th to get the early bird rates. You can register by regular mail with the printable registration form, or online via PayPal. See the G-FEST XXV Registration page for details and instructions.

Fusion Godzilla Costume

G-FEST XXIV a rousing success!

G-FEST XXIV, staged from July 14th to July 16th, was a great success, with approximately 2700 people participating. The screening of Shin Godzilla, arranged by Funimation, went over extremely well; it was the first time in over a decade that a new Japanese G-film had been available for showing at G-FEST.

The many facets of the show all ran smoothly and were very well attended, and the special guests got a tremendous reception. This year, the costume parade was split into separate young fan and adult events (held on Friday and Saturday night respectively) and each show featured an amazing number and variety of creations. The Award Ceremony was also held on Saturday night (before a crowd of about 800 fans), and was a great success. In addition to G-Fan Hall of Fame inductees Jeff Horne, Sean Linkenback, and Kyle Yount, artist Yuji Kaida received the Monster Attack Team Award, director Shinji Higuchi received a Lifetime Achievement Award, and composer Michiru Oshima accepted the coveted Mangled Skyscraper Award.

Many G-fans showed their generosity by making contributions or participating in the raffle fundraisers for G-fans Helping G-fans. The total amount collected this year was over four thousand dollars, with a large part of the money going to Sonoe Nakajima.

For further information about G-FEST XXIV, look forward to the next issue of G-FAN. Meanwhile, plans are already underway for the 25th Anniversary G-FEST, taking place from July 13th to July 15th, 2018, at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare.