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Welcome to G-FAN.com, brought to you by Daikaiju Enterprises (DKE), publisher of G-FAN magazine, the world’s only journal devoted to giant movie monsters, especially those hailing from Japan. DKE also hosts the annual convention known as G-FEST, attracting over 2000 monster fans for a weekend celebration of the genre. In 2004, DKE organized G-TOUR, a voyage to Japan, the land of Godzilla, in celebration of his fiftieth anniversary, and returned in 2011 for G-TOUR II. If you love Godzilla and other giant monsters from Japan, please explore G-FAN.com, you’ll find much of interest!

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Latest G-FAN News…
Akira Ifukube

Ifukube Kickstarter project surpasses $25,000 goal

“Ifukube and Godzilla: A Musical Celebration” has crushed its Kickstarter $25,000 goal, raising a staggering $30,856, and will be happening at G-FEST XXI this summer! Thank you to the 360 generous backers who are helping to bring this concert to life, the additional pledges received will help make the concert that much bigger and better. You can read the details of this once in a lifetime event on the Kickstarter project page.

Mechagodzilla Ornament

Exclusive Tom Tvrdik limited art print for G-FEST attendees

Godzilla OrnamentExclusive to G-FEST attendees - reserve the Carlton 2014 60th Anniversary Godzilla ornament exclusive for G-FEST and receive a special art print limited to only 50, by the Godzilla ornament artist Tom Tvrdik. With only 48 ornaments available at G-FEST, reserving is highly recommended.

Reserve yours by emailing your name and phone number to nikki_tom@sbcglobal.net or call or text (440) 667-7074 and leave a voice mail. Ornaments will cost $40.00 at time of pick up and will be signed by the artist! Also, stop by the dealer table for special contests and past ornaments.

Hiroshi Sagae

G-FEST XXI special guest list keeps growing

We are very happy to add master sculptor and model maker Hiroshi Sagae to our impressive lineup of special guests coming to G-FEST XXI. He has contributed sculpting and miniature model work to numerous tokusatsu features, including Gamera 3, GMK, and Mothra. Mr. Sagae previously attended G-FEST XVIII back in 2011.

Also returning for G-FEST XXI is fan-favorite, professional mixed martial arts fighter and actor Don Frye. Don previously attended G-FEST XV back in 2008, and is well known to G-fans for his commanding role as Captain Douglas Gordon in Godzilla: Final Wars.

See the G-FEST XXI Special Guests page for full details.

Koichi Kawakita

Special effects director returning to G-FEST

We are proud to announce that special effects director Koichi Kawakita will be returning as one of our special guests at G-FEST XXI. Mr. Kawakita was previously at G-FEST way back in 2002. He is well known to kaiju fans for reviving the Godzilla series, starting with Godzilla vs. Biollante, and bringing to it a new level of realism and detail. With his visual effects company, Dream Planet Japan, Mr. Kawakita has also collaborated with Toho on numerous television series including The Justirisers and Super Star Fleet Sazer.

Tomoko Ai

First special guests announced for G-FEST XXI

We are pleased to announce that actress Tomoko Ai and actor Katsuhiko Sasaki, who both played leading roles in 1975’s Terror of Mechagodzilla, will be coming to G-FEST this summer. Katsuhiko Sasaki also played the lead in Godzilla vs. Megalon, as well as parts in Godzilla vs. Biollante and Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. Come celebrate as these two special guests reunite at G-FEST XXI, after more than 30 years!

Actor Yosuke Natsuki will be participating at G-FEST by way of a live Skype session. He had prominent roles in Dogora the Space Monster, Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster, and Godzilla 1985.

Also, returning this year is actor and friend Robert Scott Field. Scott remains a crucial and integral part of G-FEST, and it is always a pleasure to have him back.

Dojo Warriors

Dojo Studios needs actors for filming at G-FEST XXI

“Running from Daikaiju” gets a twist this year. We are filming a lounge singer scene and need an audience. This will require G-FEST participants to dress like they’re out for a nice evening at a fancy 1960s nightclub (collared shirts, dinner jackets, long pants and dresses are perfect). The fifty best dressed will be filmed, but all can watch a Dojo twist on the classic War of the Gargantuas lounge scene filmed at the hotel on Friday night following the opening ceremonies.

Dojo Warriors Card TopperOn the Dojo front we will be doing two days of straight shooting without any panels this year. We have an ambitious project that is entering its second G-FEST and it will be quite exciting. Fans are always welcome in the Dojo observation area.

Lastly, Dojo Toys is about to issue its first toys of this modern era. They will be 3D printed, around 5 inches tall, bagged and header carded in a retro style and will premiere at G-FEST XXI. Did I mention the initial run will be limited? Here is a sample of the header card artwork by Dojo crew member, Jim Fazar…

Godzilla Costume

G-FEST XXI costume parade preparation

Hello G-fans! it’s getting to that time of year when, if you haven’t decided on building a costume for G-FEST or not, you run the risk of not finishing. For that reason and for the fans that are doing this for the first time, some details are in order. First off, many others are first timers too, so don’t let that stop you! Second, the fans love the costumes whatever size shape and expertise level, so don’t let that stop you either. So, no excuses right?

The parade is free to enter, but you must attend the orientation for contestants on Saturday afternoon (check the convention guide for time and place) and fill out a brief entry form. There are several categories: 1. Young Fan (youth built), 2. Young Fan (adult built), 3. Novice, 4. Journeyman, and 5. Masters Level. There is also a Judges Choice Category and Best in Show. Finally, there is an Out of Competition category for professionally made costumes.

Prizes are awarded on Sunday morning in the dealers room for one hour. Be there, or be disappointed! We sadly cannot ship prizes and won’t know the results of the judging until the early hours of Sunday morning.

Reynold Brown Godzilla

The incredible artwork of William Reynold Brown

The latest issue of G-FAN magazine features an article on the artist Reynold Brown as well as full color reproductions of some of his most memorable movie poster paintings recognizable by G-fans. Learn more about Brown’s life and career, and see more of his incredible artwork through this four-part documentary and image gallery:

The Man Who Drew Bug-Eyed Monsters: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

The Amazing Poster Art Of Reynold Brown