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G-TOUR III 2015 Itinerary

Kaiju and Culture: July 28th - August 8th, 2015

Our third kaiju-themed tour of the Land of the Rising Sun, offered by MYK Travel and Daikaiju Enterprises Ltd.

Day 1 – July 28th

Depart North America. Take off for the mysterious Far East on a G-fan group adventure carefully balanced between visiting iconic kaiju-related landmarks and experiencing the unique culture and history of Japan. (Lose a day as you cross the International Date Line.)

Day 2 – July 29th

Touch down in the Land of Godzilla and make your way to rendezvous with your fellow G-fans at the G-TOUR hotel in Tokyo. You’ll be greeted by representatives of G-TOUR and MYK Travel. Catch up with old friends, introduce yourself to new ones, and perhaps join your fellow travelers for a meal as you plan for the excitement ahead. (Overnight in Tokyo)

Day 3 – July 30th

Begin G-TOUR 3 with a kaiju-themed tour of Tokyo including photo stops at classic landmarks like Tokyo Tower, the Diet Building, Ginza and the Wako Building clock tower (smashed by Godzilla in 1954), Yurakucho overpass (trampled in 1984), and of course, an opportunity to pay homage at the Sacred Shrine of Godzilla Fandom: the Godzilla Statue in Hibiya. We’ll also take in the life-sized bust of Godzilla, to be unveiled in April in the Shinjuku district. The tour will then proceed to the Lucky Dragon Museum to view the doomed fishing vessel so inextricably tied to the kaiju eiga genre. In the afternoon, G-TOUR will take in the annual Ultra Festival in Ikebukuro, a celebration of Ultraman and his universe of colorful cohorts. The day concludes with an optional social gathering with former G-FEST guests at a local restaurant near the G-TOUR hotel. (Overnight in Tokyo)

Day 4 – July 31st

Up and at ‘em bright and early (you won’t be able to sleep late anyway, due to the time difference) for a super speed trip to the iconic city of Hiroshima, ground zero for the atomic attack on Japan during World War II, and now for the movement for World Peace. Take in the sights of this modern and well-planned city, including Hiroshima Castle and the awesome A-Bomb Dome (overflown by Ghidorah in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah). Visit the inspiring Peace Memorial Museum and Park, and soak up the naturalistic wonders of the renowned Shukkei-en traditional Japanese Garden. (Overnight in Hiroshima)

Day 5 – August 1st

After you enjoy a sumptuous breakfast, the group will be whisked away by chartered bus, and then ferry boat, to gorgeous Miyajima Island and Itsukushima Shrine (visited by Nick Adams and Kumi Mizuno in Frankenstein Conquers the World). Enjoy the tame deer and wild monkeys (but don’t look them in the eye!). Ride the ropeway up scenic Mt. Misen for views of Hiroshima Bay. Evening at leisure back in Hiroshima. (Overnight in Hiroshima)

Day 6 – August 2nd

A relatively short Bullet Train trip brings G-TOUR back to Kyoto and its architectural treasures. Enjoy the New Kyoto Station (location of the final Gamera/Irys bout) and view the cityscape from Kyoto Tower (blasted by the Big G in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2). A city tour follows, including Kyomizu-dera Temple (menaced by Godzilla in ’93) and stops for shopping. Evening at leisure to bar hop or enjoy a summer festival. (Overnight in Kyoto)

Day 7 – August 3rd

A day of many options! Those wishing may take a chartered bus tour of nearby Osaka to view the castle (destroyed by Godzilla and Anguirus in Godzilla Raids Again), the Business Park (site of the attack on G in Godzilla vs. Biollante), shop at Den Den Town for low cost collectibles, and visit other iconic sites. Those wishing to remain in Kyoto can enjoy a self-guided tour of that ancient city’s cultural treasures. Still others may wish to split off and take in the tokusatsu action at Toei Eiga Mura (Toei Movie Village), a “Henshin-style” theme park that also doubles as a working studio. Something for everyone! (Overnight in Kyoto)

Day 8 – August 4th

Following breakfast, the day begins with another Bullet Train journey to the seaside city of Atami and a tour of the castle demolished by Kong and Godzilla in 1962. Then on to the scenic Hakone Ropeway and a relaxing cruise on Lake Ashinoko. (Beware of submerged Gappa!) On to the picturesque city of Kawaguchiko at the base of regal Mt. Fuji. (Overnight in Kawaguchiko)

Day 9 – August 5th

Are you prepared for the climb of a lifetime? Traveling by bus to Fifth Station, any who wish may spend the day climbing that venerable icon of kaiju battle, Mt. Fuji. Many monsters have matched their might on its slopes, but Fuji itself is a mighty foe, yet one that can be conquered. Are you up to the challenge? If not, spend the day on a sightseeing tour of Kawaguchiko and the Fuji Five Lakes district. In the evening, enjoy an unparalleled display of fireworks technology, staged from the surface of Lake Kawaguchiko with Fuji-san as the backdrop. Unforgettable! (Overnight in Kawaguchiko)

Day 10 – August 6th

Travel the beautiful Japanese countryside in the comfort of your chartered bus, stopping at scenic Ogouchi Dam (destroyed by both Mothra and Megalon) on the way back to Tokyo. Stop briefly at Toho Studios for a photo opportunity of the Godzilla statue and murals, wander down Ultraman Avenue, and then collectible shopping at the humming hobby center of Nakano Broadway. Evening at leisure. (Overnight in Tokyo)

Day 11 – August 7th

As usual, a hearty breakfast begins your last official day of G-TOUR. Then it’s off by chartered bus to Yokosuka to see the gigantic Godzilla slide. On to Kamakura for the equally dramatic (and gigantic) DaiButsu (Big Buddha) and its beautiful environs. Back to Tokyo in good time for the finale of G-TOUR, an evening dinner cruise on historic Tokyo Bay in the company of several stars (To be announced) from Toho’s Golden Age of Kaiju Eiga.

Day 12 – August 8th

G-TOUR III may be drawing to its conclusion, but you can return home with a heart full of happy memories, and a suitcase full of exciting collectibles (as well as “regaining” your lost day as you cross over the International Date Line). Or, if you wish, why not extend your stay and continue your G-adventure?