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G-TOUR II 2011 Itinerary

Day 1 – August 2nd

Overnight to Japan from North American departure points.

Day 2 – August 3rd

Arrived in Tokyo. All participants checked into hotel.
(Accommodation: Takanawa Tobu Hotel, Tokyo)

Day 3 – August 4th

Morning Tokyo city tour that included Godzilla statue in Hibiya (stop for pictures), Diet Building and Tokyo Tower. Traveled to Setagaya for lunch in the area. Toured Toho Studios with Akira Takarada. Returned to hotel to get ready for evening dinner at Shabu Zen with Toho film stars in Roppongi.
(Accommodation: Takanawa Tobu Hotel, Tokyo)

Day 4 – August 5th

Morning travel to Mibu in nearby Tochigi Prefecture and visited the Bandai Museum. Afternoon visit to the 2011 Ultraman Festival in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro. Returned to Tokyo, with the evening at liberty.
(Accommodation: Takanawa Tobu Hotel, Tokyo)

Day 5 – August 6th

Morning train to Kyoto, with lunch in New Kyoto Station. Afternoon visit to Toei Eiga Mura (Toei Movie Village). Evening at liberty.
(Accommodation: Hotel Keihan, Kyoto)

Day 6 – August 7th

Morning bus to Osaka. Toured Osaka Castle. Lunch and shopping around Osaka Business Park/Twin 21 Towers. Afternoon travel to Kobe, Port Tower, promenade, and Chinatown.
(Accommodation: Hotel Keihan, Kyoto)

Day 7 – August 8th

Morning visit to the Kinkakuji Golden Pavillion at Rokuon-Ji Temple. Hiked on trail on Mount Heiei with views of Lake Biwa. Afternoon visit to Miidera Onjoji Temple. Traveled to Otsu Biwako Hall for dinner, and evening fireworks display over Lake Biwa.
(Accommodation: Hotel Keihan, Kyoto)

Day 8 – August 9th

Bullet train to Fukuoka via Okayama. Visited Korakuen Garden in Okayama, with view of Okayama Castle. Afternoon arrival in Fukuoka, toured Fukuoka including Fukuoka Tower. Evening baseball game in Fukuoka Dome (Fukuoka Yahoo Japan Stadium).
(Accommodation: Hakata Miyako Hotel, Fukuoka)

Day 9 – August 10th

Day trip from Fukuoka to Mount Aso, then back to Fukuoka.
(Accommodation: Hakata Miyako Hotel, Fukuoka)

Day 10 – August 11th

Early departure from Fukuoka to Nagoya. Arrived at lunchtime. Visited Nagoya Castle and then Nagoya Port Leisure Center, both by subway. Evening at liberty. (Accommodation: Chisun Inn, Nagoya)

Day 11 – August 12th

Morning travel to Tokyo, day at leisure in Tokyo. Late afternoon or evening departures for home.