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General events and times for G-FEST XXVI are listed below. Interviews and sessions with our special guests can be easily found with the G-Guest icon:

Thursday, July 11th

Special double double-bill at the Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge, IL

  • 1:00 PM: Godzilla’s Revenge
  • 3:00 PM: Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster
  • 7:00 PM: The X From Outer Space
  • 9:00 PM: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack

Artwork by Modstoon

Friday, July 12th

G-FEST Orientation

(11:00 AM, Ballroom 1) - As an aid to maximizing their G-FEST experience, fans could drop by this session and get answers to any questions from the convention organizers.

Godzilla’s Revenge at 50

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Godzilla’s Revenge, a.k.a. All Monsters Attack turned 50 years old this year. A panel of fans discussed the pros and cons of this divisive entry in the Godzilla series. Like the film, the discussion was unusual! With Martin Arlt, Danny Tokarz, Kym Taborn, Jeff Horne, and Kevin Horn.

Monstrosities: A Panel of Tokusatsu

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - From the kings who battle three-headed dragons to mecha fighting giant chicken monsters; the team behind Monstrosities Tokusatsu Vlog held a conversation on all things kaiju, spandex-suited heroes and tokusatsu. With Matt Burkett, Brian Napolitano, Max Frank, and Nathan Wysocki-Grady.

Sekizawa and Kimura: A Tale of Two Screenwriters

(12:00 PM, Kennedy) - Most of Toho’s classic tokusatsu films started with scripts penned by the Showa era creative team’s unsung heroes, Shinichi Sekizawa and Takeshi Kimura. Nathan Marchand (professional writer and co-creator of Kaijuvision Radio) and Daniel DiManna (creator/author of the Godzilla Novelization Project) explained how these polar opposite storytellers revolutionized the kaiju genre. With Nathan Marchand and Daniel DiManna.

Objectively, Scientifically the Best Non-Godzilla Toho Kaiju EVER. Period.

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Everyone loves Godzilla, how could you not? Simply put, he’s the king of the monsters! But who is your second favorite Godzilla movie kaiju? With Godzilla out of the picture, it was a royal rumble for second place. Kaiju experts Colin McMahon, John LeMay, Jessica Tseang, Kym Taborn, and Michael McMahon poured through the Godzilla kaiju roster, and tried to determine who would take home the silver in the Godzilla universe.

G-Pardy Adult Qualifier Game 1 — (for players ages 13 and up)

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - The famed kaiju quiz game returned under the expert guidance of Skip Peel. Players competed on Friday to qualify for the final battle Saturday night! With only two adult qualifying games this year, the highest score of the runners up earned one wild card spot.

Green Slime

(1:00 PM, Kennedy) - It was time for some late sixties sci-fi fun with the Green Slime. The theme song for the movie really says it all! With Kevin Horn.

Cheesy Monsters Raid Again

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - A world in extreme danger… of laughing its butts off. We love our monsters, even when they’re dripping with cinematic cheese. Comics writer Tony Isabella examined over fifty of the crazy creatures that we remember so fondly.

G-Pardy Adult Qualifier Game 2 — (for players ages 13 and up)

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - With Skip Peel.

Bandai and Tsuburaya

(2:00 PM, Kennedy) - The hosts discussed the history between Bandai and Tsuburaya Productions, and how this relationship affected the Ultraman franchise in recent years. With RJ Axen, Matt Parmley, and Kevin Deredorf.

Paleontologist Panel: The Sequel

(3:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - So what IS Godzilla? It’s a question that roams around in every fan’s mind. Is he an amalgamation of sea life? An ancient predator awoken after millions of years? A dinosaur mutated from nuclear fallout? Through deductive reasoning and comparative anatomy, we determined what Godzilla is. Fans scratched their paleo-itch, and discussed biology, paleontology, and comparative anatomy as they looked at Godzilla from a paleontological point of view. With Dennis Roth.

Kaiju Transmissions Podcast Presents: 30 years of Godzilla Vs. Biollante

(3:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - An in-depth look at the making of the 1989 classic, including unused scripts, the manga adaptation, behind the scenes pictures, and more! With Matt Parmley, Kyle Byrd, Kevin Derendorf, and John LeMay.

Gamera vs. Guiron

(3:00 PM, Kennedy) - It’s all fun and games till Gyaos loses a head. Fans celebrated 50 years of Gamera vs. Guiron. This panel of experts covered fun facts and nostalgic discussion on the flying turtle’s most notorious adventure! With Tristan Domay and Mike Sutton.

Bringing Godzilla Down to Size

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - The story behind the making of Classic Media’s documentary film on the history of Japanese sfx, featuring exclusive making photos and footage. With Ed Godziszewski and Steve Ryfle.

G-Pardy 2019 Kid Championship — (for players ages 12 and under)

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - By popular demand, one grand game of the kaiju quiz had been designed especially for kids and would crown a 2019 Kids’ Champion, awarding a mini trophy the winner keept! With Skip Peel.

Kaiju Fans in Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Kenny

(4:00 PM, Kennedy) - Ever wonder how movies, TV, or comics would represent the G-FEST demographic? This panel covered portrayals of characters who are wild about kaiju and Japanese superheroes, as well as the rise of Japanese “otaku” culture. With Kevin Derendorf.

Opening Ceremonies

(7:00 PM, Ballrooms 1 & 2) - The official opening of G-FEST XXVI introduced our special guests, as well as members of the committee that produced the convention.

Young Fan Costume Parade

(Approx. 7:30 PM, Ballrooms 1 & 2) - Due to ever-increasing participation, G-FEST again offered two costume parades. Friday night featured young fans displaying their (and their parents’) handiwork.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

(10:30 PM, the Pickwick Theatre)


Artwork by Chris Scalf

Saturday, July 13th

Summit Kaiju Creative Contest

(9:00 AM, Ballroom 1) - The Summit Kaiju panel unveiled the winners of the Summit Kaiju Online Creative Photo Contest along with discussions about toy photography and Kaiju toy collecting. With Jeremy Soles.

Interview: Philo Barnhart

(9:00 AM, Ballroom 2) - With Charles D. Moisant.

Japanese Culture the Yokai Way: Spirits of Obon

(9:00 AM, Kennedy) - In Japan, Obon season (July and August) is traditionally the time to visit cemeteries, invite ancestral spirits to visit, and hold Bon Odori dance festivals to entertain spooky supernatural guests. Attendees had a chance to learn more about these customs, and to be part of the first ever “Yokai Odori,” a group dance created especially for our own summer festival, G-FEST! With Joyce Boss.

Delving into the Shadows: 50 Years of Mirrorman

(10:00 AM, Ballroom 1) - From the company that brought you Ultraman came Mirrorman, Tsubaraya’s first non-Ultraman series and its first foray into more mature storytelling. We explored its beginnings and the legacy it left behind. With Andrew Battaglia.

Interview: Akira Takarada

(10:00 AM, Ballroom 2)

Collecting Godzilla Movies on Home Video

(10:00 AM, Kennedy) - With the rights to 35 movies divided between 8 companies, collecting the Godzilla movies on home video is no easy task. Fans were pointed toward the best possible releases, and offered theories on what Criterion has planned for the Showa series. With Will Offutt and Michael Callari.

Kaiju Kingdom Podcast

(11:00 AM, Ballroom 1) - Jessica Tseang and Chris Eaton returned to G-FEST to discuss the popularity of Toho’s greatest creation, the success of Legendary’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters, behind the scenes of working on the film, and what the future holds for Godzilla vs. Kong (2020).

Interview #1: Shusuke Kaneko

(11:00 AM, Ballroom 2)

Prophecies of Nostradamus

(11:00 AM, Kennedy) - In 1974, Toho released a disaster movie called, “The Prophecies of Nostradamus.” This panel, led by Chris Underwood, covered its history as well as the controversies surrounding this little-known film.

The All-New Sonorama Panel with Kamishibai

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Fans joined Stan Hyde and Len Medlock for a celebration of classic kaiju art and artists. There were stories of your favorite kaiju that had been carefully guarded secrets until now, plus some classic kaiju story-telling as well.

Dawn of the Monsters Official Panel

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - Creative Director Alex Rushdy guided fans through the announcement and updates of the brand new kaiju video game, including special prizes and exclusive ways to get involved in the development!

Drawing with Matt and Hiroshi

(12:00 PM, Kennedy) - Artists Matt Frank and Hiroshi Kanatani both drew kaiju for fan’s entertainment!

Heisei Gamera: A Look Back

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - In the late 1990s, Shusuke Kaneko released a groundbreaking film trilogy featuring Gamera, the kaiju turtle. With intriguing scripts, interesting characters, and groundbreaking special effects and miniature work, these films became instant fan favorites. Our panelists discussed all three films of the trilogy and the impact they had on the kaiju genre. With Alex Rushdy, Kevin Derendorf, Stephen Pazenski, and Jessica Tseang.

Interview: Peggy Neal

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 2)

Discovering Godzilla

(1:00 PM, Kennedy) - A discussion of the first time fans discovered Godzilla, specifically focusing on when it was and how that shaped opinions of Godzilla in different eras: Showa, Heisei, Millennium, and Legendary. With Scott Witherall, Chris Oglio, and Martin Arlt.

Nessie: The Kaiju that Hammer Loched Away

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Much like the Loch Ness Monster, Toho’s late-1970s unmade Hammer-coproduced monster movie, Nessie is a mysterious subject of great speculation. The panel shined a light on this cryptid sci-fi film, discussing the canceled production and the relationship between Japanese kaiju and cryptozoology. With Greg Noneman, Samuel Iler, John LeMay, Justin Mullis, and Kevin Derendorf.

History of Kaiju Art

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - With Bob Eggleton.

Kaiju vs. Parody

(2:00 PM, Kennedy) - Ever wonder with every kaiju movie being so serious without a hint of a joke or silliness, what a kaiju comedy movie would be like? Attendees joined YouTube weirdo Prof Kaiju as he discussed some kaiju parodies. With Bryce “Prof Kaiju” Dubich.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters

(3:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - After a 5-year wait, the sequel to 2014‘s Godzilla was out! For the first time, audiences saw Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah interpreted on film by a studio other Toho. Did the film do the source material justice? Fans found out how the Titans fared as our panelists discussed the finer points of Legendary‘s latest monster blockbuster. With Alastair Neill, Nathan Marchand, Jacob Smith, Ira Taborn, and Miguel Barroso.

Kaijucast 10th Anniversary Talk Show

(3:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - Fans celebrated ten years of podcasting about Godzilla and his rubber-suited foes with a live “talk show” format panel with the Kaijucast and special guests! With Kyle Yount and Gretchen Brooks.

Ready Player One: Anorak’s Castle

(3:00 PM, Kennedy) - The world of kaiju and tokusatsu played a big role in Ernest Cline’s best-selling book, Ready Player One, which Spielberg would later film. A story that took fan-service to the next level and culminated in a battle that fans of many niche genres would never forget. Fan’s learned about who showed up/what happened at the final battle, differences between the book and film, and trivia of how things all came together. With Billy DuBose.

Godzilla’s Revenge

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - A look at the making of Honda’s most misunderstood entry in the Godzilla series and critical examination of the film. With Ed Godziszewski and Steve Ryfle.

Kaiju Music Videos

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - The best of fan-made “tune and kaiju” combos. With Andy Steele.

The Art of Kaiju Writing

(4:00 PM, Kennedy) - Skip Peel, Neil Riebe, John LeMay, and Nathan Marchand discussed writing about kaiju. They covered all aspects of fiction and nonfiction writing.

G-Pardy Championship

(6:30 PM, Ballrooms 1 & 2) - With Skip Peel.

Awards Ceremony

(7:00 PM, Ballrooms 1 & 2) - G-FAN Hall-of-Fame Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Mangled Skyscraper Award.

Adult Costume Parade

(7:30 PM, Ballrooms 1 & 2)

Amateur Kaiju Videos

(8:30 PM, Ballrooms 1 & 2)

Monster Zero

(10:30 PM, the Pickwick Theatre)


Artwork by Chris Scalf

Sunday, July 14th

Women of Kaiju Fandom

(10:00 AM, Ballroom 1) - Bringing together ladies who love the genre, and thrive in the fandom, the women discussed navigating the various franchises, future hopes for fandom, but most importantly, their favorite kaiju and what draws them into this amazing world of monsters. With Jessica Tseang, Morgan Frank, and Chloe Carroll.

Interview #2: Shusuke Kaneko

(10:00 AM, Ballroom 2) - With J.D. Lees.

How to Draw Godzilla

(10:00 AM, Kennedy) - In the 1970s, Philo Barnhart worked on a weekly Godzilla television animated series for Hanna-Barbera. Today, Matt Frank draws Godzilla and other kaiju on the comic book page. Same character. Two different artists. Two different products. Attendees heard a discussion of the needs and unique challenges facing artists who bring licensed characters to life in different media. With Philo Barnhart and Matt Frank.

Kaiju Video Game History — Up From the Depths!

(11:00 AM, Ballroom 1) - Game developer Alex Rushdy shined a light on the history of kaiju video games, highlighting developers and games that you may not have played, or even heard of!

Toy and Model Photography

(11:00 AM, Ballroom 2) - Monster photographers gathered round to share some simple tricks to make your Kaiju toys and model kits seem GIGANTIC! Stan Hyde and David Dopko shared some amazing images, and discussed how you can photograph your own monsters to re-create images from the movies, or to create images from movies that never were! They also shared some places online that you can visit to share your work and see more amazing monster photographs. With David Dopko and Stan Hyde.

25 years of Space Godzilla

(11:00 AM, Kennedy) - It was 25 years since Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla hit theaters to celebrate Godzilla’s 40th birthday. Featuring a new adversary for Godzilla in Space Godzilla, the film also introduced a new version of Mogera to modern audiences. Not to mention a monster that was reportedly Koichi Kawakita’s favorite creation. Fans revisited this unusual entry in the Heisei Series! With Colin McMahon, Ira Taborn, Andrew Battaglia, and Jeff Horne.

Awards Ceremony for Contest Winners

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 1)

Kong Unmade: The Lost Films of Skull Island

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - Like Godzilla and Gamera, King Kong was the star of many an unmade movie. You might already know he was supposed to star in what became Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster, but what about Kong’s other missed opportunities? From the mind of Merian C. Cooper came a bevy of unproduced concepts like Tarzan vs. King Kong, a planned 1934 color prequel set on Skull Island. Odder still, Cooper even wanted to remake King Kong but set the story on another planet in outer space! Attendees learned about more unmade films starring Kong from both America and Japan! With John LeMay.

Alien invasions in the Godzilla movies

(12:00 PM, Kennedy) - It was a two-for-one podcast panel about the influences of American and Japanese movies about alien invasions! Brian Scherschel of Kaijuvision Radio and Taylor Hensley of Giant Monster Messages explained the historical and cultural influences on these popular stories, including the similarities and differences between the Japanese and American movies.

The Power of Ifukube: A Piano Concert with Reiko Yamada

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Reiko Yamada is an internationally acclaimed pianist and former student of Akira Ifukube. Pianist Patrick Godon joined her in performances of some Ifukube’s most famous kaiju and tokusatsu scores.

Latitude Zero

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - A behind the scenes look at one of the most ambitious and tumultuous co-productions between Toho and overseas investors. With Ed Godziszewski and Steve Ryfle.

Godzilla Stories

(1:00 PM, Kennedy) - Like the campfire rounds of old, we sat together while Stephen Schilling helped us all share our stories of how we discovered Godzilla and how Godzilla has affected our lives. It was funny, touching and sometimes just ridiculous. This was a personal story session, less fan fiction, and more about what Godzilla means to us personally. People shared poetry inspired by Godzilla, and stories of how Godzilla has literally saved their lives.

Akira Ifukube: The Man, The Music, The Monsters

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Erik Homenick and his panel discussed Akira Ifukube‘s life and career as one of Japan‘s foremost composers. Several of the maestro‘s film scores, such as Godzilla (1954) and Rodan (1956) were closely analyzed. With Erik Homenick, John DeSentis, Reiko Yamada, Patrick Galvan, and Tyler Martin.

Collect All Monsters: Only Kaiju Vinyl is Real

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - Collect All Monsters is a new YouTube channel all about kaiju toys. Fans joined the cast of the show and discovered the wonder of Japanese kaiju vinyl! With Leslie Chambers, Christine Chapin, David Eric Dopko, John Ruffin, and Kyle Yount.

Creating Original Kaiju

(2:00 PM, Kennedy) - In a genre ruled by a giant fire breathing lizard, where do new kaiju come from? Attendees joined Realm of Goryo’s Dane G. Kroll and members of Kaiju Assault to learn about how they create new monsters for stories and games, and found inspiration for their own work.


(3:00 PM , Ballroom 1) - Any fans curious about the history, inner workings of, or future plans for the “Three G’s” asked questions and make suggestions. With J.D. Lees.

Godzilla YouTubers

(3:00 PM , Ballroom 2) - Attendees caught up on the YouTube scene with TitanGoji!, KaijuNoir, Monstrosities Tokusatsu Vlog, D Man 1954, and DangerVille as they all shared their experiences as content creators in the Godzilla community. With Davis Madole, Andres Perez, Matt Burkett, Nathan Grady, Derek Gladstone, Alastair Neill, and Jacob Smith.

Godzilla Anime Trilogy

(3:00 PM, Kennedy) - Planet of Monsters, City on the Edge of Battle, and The Planet Eater. These three animated films were released on Netflix, giving Western fans a chance to see a new and unusual take on their favorite giant monster. The films received mixed reviews; some fans loved them, others hated them. In this panel, fans discussed the pros and cons of the latest Godzilla films to come out of Japan. With Brian Scherschel, Will Offutt, Kevin Derendorf, Ira Taborn, and Chris Little.

Kaiju Konfessions

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - It was time to pack up G-FEST for another year, and join the celebration of Kaiju song and dance! What’s a monster movie without a catchy tune? It was time to participate in the fun, and SAVE THE EARTH! With Stan Hyde.