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G-FEST XXVI Costume Parades

Contest and Showcase Rules

Click here to download the Showcase Rules and Entry Form (PDF).

  • No open flame, fire, flash powder or flash paper is allowed. Sealed electronic flashes are permitted. No pointing of laser pens at the audience or tech crew.
  • No messy substances on stage. If in doubt ask the Parade Directors.
  • No flagrant nudity. G-FEST prides itself in being a family-friendly environment.
  • All prop weapons must be checked by Parade Staff. No real firearms, realistic copies, or projectile weapons/features are allowed. Any props longer than 2 feet must be made of foam or soft material. All costume weapon props must be marked with orange tape indicating it is a toy and non-functional.
  • Multiple entries: While any individual may wear as many costumes as they like, they can only compete with one of them. If multiple entries are desired, the contestant must fill out a form for each costume entered, noting multiple entries on each form, as well as notifying the Parade Directors as to which costume is to be entered for competition.
  • There will be two Parades. The first will be held Friday evening for the 12 and under Young Fan categories. The Second will be held on Saturday night for the Novice, Journeyman, Master, and Showcase Categories.
  • The Parade Directors reserve the right to eliminate anyone from competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience or other contestants, poor sportsmanship, or for any other reason deemed sufficient. Flagrant or repeated violations of the rules may result in the contestant being barred from future Showcases, at the Director’s discretion.
  • Purchased or rented costumes; assemblies of masks, suits, and gloves; 2014 inflatable Godzilla costumes; or King Kong costumes cannot enter in the Novice, Journeyman, Master, or Youth divisions. We have a special opening entry for these. If you have one, please bring it to have your moment in the spotlight. ​Please reference the Showcase category if you wish to walk in the parade.
  • Contestants must report to the Dojo Room on time. Report times will be supplied at the designated orientation session for each Parade. Failure to appear or to be ready to go on stage may result in disqualification. Entries are due at 4:00 PM on the day of your Parade. Late acceptances without notice will be allowed to walk but cannot be guaranteed an announcement or competition ballot/entry.

Contest Divisions

Young Fan Division (Ages 12 and Under): Friday Parade

  • Young Fan (self built): A junior contestant who has largely or wholly constructed his/her own costume.
  • Young Fan (adult built): A junior contestant whose costume has been largely or wholly constructed by an adult who is not a professional costume builder.

Adult Division (Ages 13 and Over): Saturday Parade

  • Novice Division: A contestant who has not won a major award at another costume showcase outside of junior costume divisions.
  • Journeyman Division: A contestant who has won fewer than three awards at previous contests while competing in the Journeyman Division.
  • Master Division: A contestant who has won three times in the Journeyman Division, or has won a Master award at a WorldCon, CostumeCon or a major award at a nationally recognized regional fan convention. Also, anyone who is a professional in a costume-related business must compete as a Master. For the purpose of this competition, a professional is defined as making 50% or more of their income in a costuming-related business. The professional must make and wear his own suit.
  • Showcase Parade Division: This division is for those who cannot or do not wish to compete in another division, but would like to show off their costume. Professionally made costumes; those made for theatrical and business purposes, are limited to enter only in this division.

    2014 inflatable Godzilla and King Kong costumes for all ages will have the opportunity to open Saturday night’s parade on a high note. Please list your costume as ‘​2014 Godzilla Inflatable’ or ‘King Kong Opener’​ on your entry form.


  • The Foamie Award and Foamie Junior Award: Best in Show. One will be awarded for each parade.
  • First Prize: Awarded to the best crafted costume. One will be selected for each division at the discretion of the Judges.
  • Judge’s Choice Awards: Given out at the discretion of the Judges.
  • Spirit Award: Given to the costumer that embraces their inner kaiju and character and gives the most compelling performance. One will be awarded for each parade.

The Judges may choose not to give out any awards in a division at all if they do not feel any costumes or entrants behavior entered in that division merit an award. The decisions of the Judges are final.