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Archive: G-FEST XXI G-Fan Junior Sessions Schedule

Kaiju Kids

The G-Fan Junior thread was a series of half-hour sessions geared towards younger fans. All sessions took place in the Kennedy Room on Saturday starting at 9:30 AM. Adults could attend if accompanied by a kid!

Drawing Godzilla With Tom Tvrdik

(9:30 AM) - Fans learned to draw the Big G with the lead designer of the American Greetings Godzilla ornament line.

American Godzilla Toys With Barron Christopher

(10:00 AM) - Fans found out about the Godzilla merchandise that’s available right here from a Godzilla superfan.

Kaiju Kaos: The Game With Bryan Borgman

(10:30 AM) The inventor of the tabletop game Kaiju Kaos displayed the fun of monster battles.

Sizing Up the Kaiju With J.D. Lees

(11:00 AM) - G-FAN’s editor compared the sizes of various kaiju, what it means in the real world, and how they do it in the “reel” world.

Monster Island Story Time With Sue Matzke

(11:30 AM) - A former children’s librarian read the classics: “Godzilla Likes to Roar,” and more.

TBA With Alison Fey

(12:00 PM)

Godzilla’s Greatest Hits

(12:30 PM) - Could every Godzilla movie ever made be covered in less than a half hour? Fans found out!

Kaiju Kids Quiz Show Raids Again

(1:00 PM) - Kids answered questions to get G-FEST T-Shirts, Ultraman DVDs, and other great prizes!