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Archive: G-FEST XX Schedule

General event times and session details for G-FEST XX are listed below.

Thursday, July 11th

Special double double-bill at the
Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge, IL

  • 1:00 PM: 20 Million Miles to Earth
  • 3:00 PM: Gamera 3: Awakening of Iris
  • 7:00 PM: Gamera vs. Gyaos
  • 9:00 PM: The X From Outer Space

Friday, July 12th

Pacific Rim

(12:01 AM, the Pickwick Theatre)


(10:30 AM to 7:00 PM, Concourse A)

G-FEST Orientation

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - If you wanted to maximize your G-FEST experience, this session gave answers to any questions you might have had from convention chairman J.D. Lees.

Kids’ Crafts

(12:00 PM to 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Dulles)

Art Room

(12:00 PM to 5:00 PM, La Guardia)

Dealers Room

(1:00 PM to 7:00 PM, Ballrooms 3 and 4)

Let’s Get Specific on Pacific Rim

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - An open session that expressed fan’s views on Pacific Rim and its significance to Legendary’s Godzilla and the future of kaiju eiga in general. Moderated by John Schuermann.

G-Pardy Game 1

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - The famed kaiju quiz game returned under the expert guidance of Skip Peel.

Kaiju Music Challenge

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Mike Sutton tested your knowledge of kaiju soundtrack music in this competitive, interactive, and very fun session.

Atragon at 50

(2:00 PM, Haneda) - G-FEST’s resident historian Kevin Horn took a fond look back on the fiftieth anniversary of the Toho underwater classic.

Dinosaur Comes to Town

(3:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - When the King of the Monsters moves in (almost literally down the street), your life changes. Whether it’s military vehicles in the streets, or helicopters keeping you awake at night, it’s hard to ignore the presence of the Great One. G-fans joined Vancouver resident for a description of what it’s like for your city to play host to Godzilla.

Godzilla Stories

(3:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Back by popular demand: Stephen Schilling held an interactive session where fans shared their stories inspired by and about Godzilla.

Happy 20th Anniversary, Raki

(3:00 PM, Haneda) - TG2WAC’s Head of Projects Lewis Austin recounted the history of its heroic and iconic monster mascot Raki, who turned twenty in 2013.

Godzilla Battle Royale

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - After months of intense labor, Billy Dubose screened the ultimate iteration of his fan produced tokusatsu apocalypse. G-fans saw more Japanese monsters than any film since… ever?

20 Years of G-FEST Guests

(4:00 PM, Haneda) - J.D. Lees offered his thoughts on many of the famous people that have been featured over the years. He was joined by panelist Bob Eggleton.

Goohead Gamera Cinema

(5:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - Turtle lovers united! Gamera fans watched their hero on the big screen.

G-Pardy Game 2

(7:00 PM, Ballroom 2)

Opening Ceremonies

(7:45 PM, Ballroom 2) - The official opening of G-FEST XX was introduced by the Special Guests, as well as members of the committee that have produced the convention.

Amateur Videos

(8:15 PM, Ballroom 2) G-fans laughed, screamed, and were amazed at the talent on display in the latest batch of videos produced by their fellow G-fanatics.

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla

(10:30 PM, the Pickwick Theatre)


Artwork by Chris Scalf

Saturday, July 13th

Get Fit with M-11

(Balmoral, 8:00 AM) - A pilates session run by everyone’s favorite android, Robert Scott Field.


(9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Concourse A)

Kids Programming

(9:00 AM, Haneda)

Dealers Room

(10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Ballrooms 3 and 4)

Shinichi Wakasa: Maker of Monsters

(10:00 AM, Ballroom 2) - Fans met the man responsible for the realization of Space Godzilla, Destroyah, Grand King Ghidorah, Orgah, Kiryu, all GFW monsters, and of course, Godzilla himself. Chris Oglio led a discussion of Wakasa’s amazing work.

Men in Suits

(10:00 AM, Midway) - Frank H. Woodward presented a screening of his documentary film Men In Suits, which looked at the art of suit acting. He was on hand to answer questions, and the Men in Suits DVD was available for sale.

Art Room

(11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, La Guardia)

Tsutomu Kitagawa: Inside Godzilla

(11:00 AM, Ballroom 2) - From playing Ghidorah in Mothra 3, Tom Kitagawa moved up to play Godzilla himself for the Millennium Series G-films. Martin Arlt moderated as we learned about this remarkable athlete and his commitment to the art of suit acting.

Cleve Hall: Monster Man

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - From Godzilla in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure to the creation of Ultramanish superheroes and kaiju in the “Monster Man” video for DEVO, Cleve Hall is our kaiju brother. Known internationally for the Monster Man reality show, Cleve is a monster kid who wants to inspire the next generation of monster kids, and has sometimes been described as a Goth-Mr. Rogers! G-fans joined Cleve for a session on suit acting, focusing on the making of the DEVO video, and his other kaiju adventures.

Two Decades of G-FEST

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - An interactive session moderated by Mike Sutton, with J.D. Lees and Danny Tokarz on hand. Fans shared their favorite G-FEST memories, and learned how G-FEST grew from modest beginnings into one of the best and most successful fan-run conventions in the entire history of human civilization.

Wolfman vs. Godzilla

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - “Lost G-film” found! G-fans saw scenes from the most mysterious, most demanded G-film ever to be produced outside of Toho Studios. Producer/director Shizuo Nakajima showed scenes from his amazing fan production, assisted by Tetsu Shiota and moderated by Mark Jaramillo.

Kaijucast: Godzilla meets his Maker

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Fans joined Kyle Yount for a live podcast as he interviewed both the man in the suit (Tsutomu Kitagawa) and the man behind the suit (Shinichi Wakasa), discussing the incredible task of bringing Godzilla to life!

G-Pardy Game 3

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 2)

Monster Men: East Meets West

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Shinichi Wakasa and Cleve Hall are spiritual brothers, Monster Kids grown up to be Monster Men. They both hope to work with each other some day, and they shared stories about their history, their industry, and especially how life has changed for Monster Men in both the U.S. and Japan since CGI entered the picture.

Kaiju movie Posters

(3:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - David Nunez moderated a panel discussion of the art found in kaiju movie posters. Bob Eggleton and Joe Astalfa lent their expertise to the discussion.

Pacific Rim Rehash

(3:00 PM , Ballroom 1) - For those who missed the Friday session, another chance to compare their views with those of fellow fans. Moderated by Bob Eggleton.


(3:00 PM, Dulles)

Kaiju Music Videos

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - G-fans rocked out to scenes from their favorite kaiju flix set to the tasteful strains of today’s (and yesterday’s) hottest music.


(4:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Director of operations Dennis Black from the U.N.G.C.C offered an interactive course on the history of G-Force, what it takes to become an agent, and most importantly, how to survive monster emergencies.

The Fifty Year Mushroom

(4:00 PM, Haneda) - Kevin Horn sampled the hallucinagenic delights of Toho’s surreal treatise of fungal fun, Matango.

Goohead Gamera Cinema

(5:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - Fans who were hungry for monsters but not so much for supper, enjoyed a Gamera flick on the big screen!

G-Pardy Final Game

(7:00 PM, Ballroom 2)

Saturday Gala

(7:45 PM, Ballroom 2) - Raffle drawings, Dojo Studios’ new trailer for MechaGfantis Backfires!, and the most popular event at G-FEST, the Costume Parade!

Godzilla X Megaguirus

(10:30 PM, the Pickwick Theatre)

Sunday, July 14th


Artwork by Chris Scalf


(9:30 AM to 2:00 PM, Concourse A)

Dealers Room

(10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Ballrooms 3 and 4)

What’s Up in Japan?

(10:00 AM, Ballroom 2) - Our own Robert Scott Field (a.k.a. Android M-11) brought us up to date on earthquake reconstruction, cultural trends, and his own adventures in the Land of the Rising Son of Godzilla.

Wolfman vs. Godzilla

(10:00 AM, Midway) - For those who missed it on Saturday, a last chance to see scenes from this “lost” G-film.

Art Room

(11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, La Guardia)

Tribute to Ray Harryhausen

(11:00 AM, Ballroom 2) - He wasn’t a G-fan, but a lot of G-fans are also fans of him. Kevin Horn played tribute to the late, great Ray Harryhausen.

Kaiju Writers Panel

(11:00 AM, Haneda) - G-fans joined Skip Peel (Rex Summeral), Timothy Price (Big in Japan) and Neil Riebe (Attack of the Super Allosaurus, Rodana, and Battle on Manazura Island) for a discussion on writing fan fiction. All aspects of writing were covered, from character and plot development to finding a publisher.


(11:00 AM, Dulles)

Men in Suits

(11:00 AM, Midway) - A repeat of Frank Woodward’s fascinating documentary on suit actors, with Frank on hand to answer questions.

Kaiju Video Games

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 1) - Godzilla artist Matt Frank and Simon Strange of Pipeworks discussed Godzilla games past, present, and future(?).

Monster Anatomy and the Wild Worlds of Sonorama

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - Yes, much work has been done on the anatomy of giant monsters by the researchers at Monsterland, and now it can be shared. Stan Hyde delved into the interiors of our favorite monsters, and also shared artwork depicting the great monster battles that were never recorded on film!

Goohead Gamera Cinema

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - More Gamera for turtle fans.

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2

(3:00 PM, Haneda) - Twenty years after its Japanese release, Kevin Horn offered his retrospective assessment on this fan favorite G-film.

Stop Ragging on Godzilla’s Revenge!

(3:00 PM, Haneda) - Joey Leonard expounded on why Godzilla’s Revenge deserves far more respect than it is often accorded by G-fans.


(3:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - G-FAN editor J.D. Lees sat down for his annual “accountability session.” G-fans expressed their opinions about G-FAN and G-FEST, and had some input into the planning of G-TOUR 3.

Kaiju Konfessions

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 2) - The traditional farewell to G-FEST, headed by the indefatigable Stan Hyde. Song sheets were provided for G-fans that “got down” and did the Kaiju Boogie, the Farou Island Swing, and the Yongarry Itchy Dance!