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Archive: G-FEST XX Modeling Schedule

All modeling sessions took place in Love A.

Building a Godzilla Model

Friday, July 12th

Kaiju Krazy – The 2013 Update

(1:00 PM) Where are all these kaiju coming from and what can we expect to see? Fans joined Stan Hyde for a quick look around the Kaiju Universe on the occasion of the “Kaiju Big Bang!” Pacific Rim, the new Godzilla, and even a new Jurassic Park have ensured that there would be some very interesting new toys and figures rising from the depths to threaten all humankind!

A Model Of Inspiration

(2:00 PM) An encore of last year’s presentation of Stan Hyde’s ‘models of inspiration,’ took a look at a variety of places that you might find inspiration for your own creativity. It was the perfect way for modelers to begin a weekend of model sessions, inspire their own creativity, and lead them on into the creation of monsters.

Modeling Beyond Beyond with Larry Tribula

(3:00 PM) G-FEST’s magician of model dioramas presented another fantastic how-to session that was also a tribute to the great magician of models, Ray Harryhausen. From imagining your diorama, to blocking your characters, to the practical question of how to build it all, Larry provided inspiration for every modeler, while also remembering the Master!

Model Building: An Overview

(4:00 PM) How much model building can you take? Over the course of the weekend, there was a practical build Godzilla session, and advanced modeling seminars on topics like building, painting, and creating dioramas. Modelers joined Stan Hyde for a basic overview of model-making, serving as an introduction to the other sessions in the modeling thread, or as your one quick-and-dirty model session if you had too much else to check out over the weekend.

Building a Godzilla Model

Saturday, July 13th

Build Godzilla, and Take Him Home

(10:00 AM to 1:00 PM) We switched up our how-to sessions this year and made them more practical than ever before. For the mere price of $10.00, you could have purchased a figure that you built and painted over the course of the day. If you never built and painted a vinyl kit before, this was your chance. Mr. Kawakami of Y-MSF provided the figures of Godzilla 1965 for these very special workshops. Modelers came out, learned the secrets of vinyl modeling, and took home a very, very one-of-a-kind memento of G-FEST XX and their own creative journey.

Build Godzilla: Advanced Session – Assemble Mechagodzilla (And His Friends)!

(1:00 PM to 2:00 PM) Whether you joined us for the build Godzilla session or not, here was a session on how to build Godzilla in all kinds of media: styrene, resin, and yes, that perpetual favorite of kaiju modelers, vinyl. A whole series of secret techniques were shared by the G-FEST Modeler’s Brotherhood.

Build Godzilla: Advanced Session – Paint Mechagodzilla (And His Friends)!

(2:00 PM to 3:00 PM) Whether you joined us for the build Godzilla session or not, here was a session on how to paint Godzilla in all kinds of media: styrene, resin, and vinyl. Special effects, tricky bits (like painting eyes), and different effects created by special paints you can use were demonstrated. The G-FEST Modelers Brotherhood shared its secret techniques.

Kaiju Dioramas With The Monster Man

(3:00 PM to 4:30 PM) Our special model guest, Cleve Hall, television’s Monster Man shared his favorite past-time, building kaiju dioramas. Cleve held a session on creating model dioramas using tricks and techniques that were influenced by a life-time as a special effects artist in the film industry. Cleve would very much like to influence the next generation of Monster Kids, and Monster Kids of every age were invited!