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Archive: G-FEST XVI Schedule

Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: All Monsters All-Out Attack screened Thursday evening, at the nearby Pickwick Theater. Registration on Friday opened at noon, with sessions following. In the evening, opening ceremonies took place followed by The Mysterians. On Saturday and Sunday, sessions were underway by 10:00 AM. Godzilla vs. the Thing screened on Saturday evening, followed by Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit! Here are some of the sessions that took place:


Artwork by Chris Scalf


G-FEST Orientation

J.D. Lees

Deleted Scenes From Kaiju Eiga

Kevin Horn

G-Pardy Pre-Screening

Monsterland Documentary

G-Pardy Game 1

Godzilla in the Grindhouse Part 2

Vince Cornelius
Featured more info, press books, and posters than before.

Making Monsters – The TG2WAC Way!

Lewis Austin
Costuming and modeling techniques that brought the RAKI movies and other TG2WAC productions to life!

The Essentials

August Ragone, Kevin Horn, Danny Tokarz, Bill Mann, Philip Garnecki, Martin Arlt, Robert Dwyer
You call yourself a Godzilla fan, and you haven’t seen Godzilla vs. The Thing?! Thankfully, with this panel discussion, you didn’t find yourself in such a situation. Here you found out which films every kaiju eiga fan must see.

G-Pardy Game 2

The Space Giants Are Coming!

Lewis Austin
A forgotten classic sci-fi series from the 60s and the kaiju boom! Based upon the comic strips of Osamu Tezuka. Why this influential program disappeared and how it will come back!

Wicked Godzilla: The Secret History of Americanization

David Kalat

Showdown of The Godz (independent movie presentation)

Robert Troch

Opening Ceremonies


Artwork by Chris Scalf


Kenji Sahara interview (2 hours)

Bret Homenick

Video/DVD Collecting

Lenell Bridges, Jay Johnson

Other Giant Monsters –
Notable Creatures in Non-Japanese Science Fiction

Lewis Austin

G-Pardy For Young Fans

Japanese Superheroes

Jay Johnson and Lenell Bridges

G-Pardy Game 3

Underrated Kaiju Classics

August Ragone, Allen Debus, Danny Tokarz, Bill Mann, Philip Garnecki,
Jay Johnson, Martin Arlt, Robert Dwyer
Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster isn’t the only G-film to be elevated from the bottom of the list to “minor masterpiece” status in recent years. Godzilla’s Revenge is right behind it! Does this trend please you or make you sick? What other titles do most fans overlook unfairly?

Vintage Godzilla Collectibles

Vince Cornelius
A presentation of comics and cartoons from the 70s.

G-Pardy Final

TG2WAC Screen Test

TG2WAC Pro was casting! Did you have what it took? Amateur actors learned tips on how to wow directors on their next audition.


The Millennium Series: 10 Years Later

Kevin Horn, Bill Mann, Philip Garnecki, Jay Johnson
In 1999, Godzilla 2000 was released in Japan and kicked off what we know today as the Millennium series. In 2009, the series saw its end. How did it stack up? What were the highlights? What were the low points?

Giant Monster Movies – Believe It or Not/Giant Monster Movies We’d Love to See!

Lewis Austin
Fantastic plots to giant monster movies were told to the audience. Some were real; some were not, many we’d love to see! It was up to the audience to decide which was what; fun and informative.

Ultra Q

Kenji Sahara and August Ragone

Dinosaur Movies

Lewis Austin
The movies that started many fans’ love affair with giant monster movies. This was an open discussion between panelists with audience participation, covering notable films, bests/worst, and favorites. Various films’ backgrounds and history were also covered.

Battle in Outer Space: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

August Ragone, Danny Tokarz, Jay Johnson, Martin Arlt, Robert Dwyer
One of Toho’s most exciting and action-packed films enjoyed its 50th anniversary in 2009. What made the movie a cornerstone in Toho’s library, and how did it influence American space operas?

Varan: Still Unbelievable as Ever

Kevin Horn
A belated 50th anniversary salute to Varan.

Who’s Afraid of Godzilla?

August Ragone, Kevin Horn, Danny Tokarz, Philip Garnecki
Japanese monster movies aren’t scary… or are they? Whether it’s the original Godzilla, Matango, or Toho’s vampire trilogy, Japanese movie studios have produced their share of scary films. But do these films deliver the necessary scares?

TG2WAC Productions – What’s New and on the Horizon

Lewis Austin
There was a screening of new materials and a Q & A with indie filmmakers.


J.D. Lees

Rebooting Godzilla

Philip Garnecki, Martin Arlt, Kevin Horn, Allen Debus, Rob Dwyer
Following the success of Cloverfield, the resurgence of old-school properties like Transformers, and with Hollywood remaking almost everything in the sci-fi and horror genres, is the time right for another big-budget American Godzilla film?