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Archive: G-FEST XIX Schedule

This was the general schedule for G-FEST XIX.

Thursday, July 12th

Special double double-bill at the
Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, IL

  • 1:00 PM: King Kong
  • 3:00 PM: The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms
  • 7:00 PM: Gorgo
  • 9:00 PM: Gammera the Invincible

Friday, July 13th

G-FEST Orientation

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 1) – If you wanted to maximize your G-FEST experience, this session gave answers to any questions you might have had from convention chairman J.D. Lees.

Ken & Castle Films

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – Tim Price whisked you back in time, before Netflix, before DVDs, before VCRs, to the days of 8mm movies screened at home. 200 feet for $5.95. Ah, nostalgia!

Godzilla Stories

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 1) – Stephen Schilling held an interactive session where fans shared their stories inspired by and about Godzilla.

Unmade Raki Movies

(2:00 PM, Haneda) – TG2WAC’s Head of Projects Lewis Austin recounted some of the Raki films that got onto the drawing board but didn’t quite make it off.

Gorath at Fifty

(3:00 PM, Haneda) – Kevin Horn took a look back at the Mysterious Star that nearly spelled the end of earthly civilization.

Gorgo in the Comics

(4:00 PM, Haneda) – Though his movie career began and ended in 1961, the British kaiju enjoyed a much longer run in four color comics. Allen Debus elucidated.

Gigantis Raids Again

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 1) – Lewis Austin led a panel discussion on this oft-overlooked Godzilla classic.


(4:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – Several of the participants of last year’s pilgrimage reunited to share their tales and pictures. If you’ve considered joining a future G-TOUR, this session was for you.

Goohead Gamera Cinema

(5:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – Turtle lovers united for their hero on the big screen.

Disaster in Japan: Update

(7:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – G-FAN’s android in Japan, Robert Scott Field, brought us up to date on the recovery and reconstruction from the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last year.

Opening Ceremonies

(7:45 PM, Ballroom 2) – The official opening of G-FEST 19 introduced our Special Guests, as well as members of the committee that produced the convention.

Amateur Videos

(8:15 PM, Ballroom 2) – You laughed, you screamed, you were amazed at the talent on display in the latest batch of videos produced by your fellow G-fanatics.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

(10:30 PM, the Pickwick Theater)


Artwork by Chris Scalf

Saturday, July 14th

Akira Takarada: First Class

(10:00 AM, Ballroom 2) – Appearing in both the first and the last G-films (as well as many others), Akira Takarada considers himself “Godzilla’s classmate.” Yet this class act has branched out far beyond the kaiju genre in movies, TV, and stage. He has also proven himself to be a true friend and benefactor of G-fandom.

Kids Programming

(9:00 AM, Haneda) – First up, J.D. Lees talked about the origins of the monsters’ strange names. At 9:30 AM, artist Tom Tvrdik taught special coloring techniques. At 10:00 AM, Tim Bean talked Ultraman toys, and at 10:30 AM, Mark Matzke presented “Godzilla: Diary of a Kaiju.” It was a 30 minute whirlwind trip through each and every G-film.

G-FEST Travel Guide to Kaiju Japan

(11:00 AM, Ballroom 2) – Over the past couple of years, Brett Homenick has become the number one G-fan in Japan, traveling to many kaiju-related sites and meeting countless kaiju celebs. He brought it all to G-FEST.

Shonen Hero

(11:00 AM, Ballroom 1) – Lewis Austin discussed his unique publication that mixes original manga, kaiju news, and the latest exploits of Raki.


(11:00 AM, Haneda) – In a four part interactive session, Ian Morales offered a complete course on being an agent of G-FORCE.

Bin Furuya: Ultraman Himself!

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – The original man in the Ultra-suit discussed his work on that groundbreaking series, as well as his role in the follow-up, Ultra Seven. The knowledgeable Damon Foster presided.

Kaiju Writers Panel

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 1) – Writers panel with Skip Peel, Neil Riebe, and Sam Messerly. Fans learned how these writers work toward making Godzilla’s adventures in the written word as exciting as the motion pictures.

Godzilla: The Face of Nuclear War

(12:00 PM, Haneda) - Zack Anderson screened and discussed his 8-minute documentary that describes the parallels between the original 1954 Godzilla and nuclear warfare. It was created by Zack (13) for the national history day competition.

Closer my Godzilla to Thee: The G-TOUR Experience as Popular Culture Pilgrimage

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – Joyce Boss expounded on the underlying themes and meanings of a seemingly innocent trip to Japan in search of kaiju.

Kaijucast: The Art of Godzilla

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 1) – Kyle Yount conducted a live podcast with kaiju artists Bob Eggleton, Matt Frank, and Jeff Zornow.

King Kong vs. Godzilla: 50th anniversary

(1:00 PM, Haneda) – Kevin Horn turned his attention to the most colossal clash of all time that took place half a century ago.

Tohoscope: Widescreen in Kaiju Eiga

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – Kaiju scholar and filmmaker John Schuermann took a broad look at the use of “scope” in the making of kaiju eiga.

Once more with Akira Takarada

(2:00 PM, Ballroom 1) – A follow-up session for those who just couldn’t get enough of Godzilla’s leading man. Brett Homenick delved deeper into more arcane aspects of Takarada’s career.

It Came From Japan

(2:00 PM, Haneda) – Jean Carbajal took a look at the making of the famous documentary, including footage unseen… until now!


(3:00 PM, Dulles) – Autograph session with our guests Akira Takarada, Bin Furuya, and Robert Scott Field.

TV Horror Hosts and Godzilla

(3:00 PM , Ballroom 2) – Blogmeister Dave Fuentes examined the history of those scary monster MCs, and their connection with the King of the Monsters.

G-FAN and Me

(3:00 PM, Ballroom 1) With G-FAN approaching #100, Martin Arlt chaired a panel discussion on a hundred issues of G-FAN memories.

Godzilla, Gamera, and Ultraman Comics

(3:00 PM, Haneda) – Mike Sutton presented an overview of the history of kaiju comics, including a time line and representative works.

Kaijunited: Japanese Monsters and Us

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – French filmmaker Fabien Mauro screened his documentary and then took audience questions.

Horror in G-films

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 1) – Martin Arlt chaired a discussion of the horror scenes that are sometimes incorporated into kaiju eiga. Joining him were German film director Jörg Buttgereit, film score composer John Schuermann, and Mike Sutton.

Toho Prop Room Tour

(4:00 PM, Haneda) – Kevin Horn led the dusty way into the bowels of Toho’s prop department, using video footage to examine some of the many historic artifacts to be found.

Goohead Gamera Cinema

(5:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – If you’re hungry for monsters but not so much for supper, you enjoyed a Gamera flick on the big screen!

Kaiju Music Videos, Raffles, Gfantis vs. Thing premiere, Costume Parade

(7:00 PM, Ballroom 2)

Godzilla vs. Destroyah

(10:30 PM, the Pickwick Theater)


Artwork by Chris Scalf

Sunday, July 15th

Bin Furuya: The Toho Years

(10:00 AM, Ballroom 2) – The original Ultraman actor was also busy at Toho Studios during their “golden era” in a number of smaller roles in familiar kaiju eiga. Brett Homenick ferreted out the fascinating details.


(11:00 AM, Ballroom 2) – G-FAN editor J.D. Lees sat down for his annual “accountability session.” Fans told him what they like or hate about G-FAN, the strengths and weaknesses of G-FEST, and found out if there will ever be another G-TOUR.


(11:00 AM, Dulles) – A second autograph session with our guests Akira Takarada, Bin Furuya, and Robert Scott Field.

P Pro’s Wonder Three

(12:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – Fans joined Lewis Austin as he recalled the much-loved giant monster series: Space Giants, Monster Prince, and Spectreman. Nostalgia, yes, but also history that young fans should see and hear.

Awards Luncheon

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 1)

Goohead Gamera Cinema

(1:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – Gamera returned to entertain those who already spent all their money in the dealers room and decided to skip the Awards Luncheon.

The Damon foster Show

(3:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – You’ve seen his humorous videos at previous G-FESTs. Perhaps you’ve attended his presentations on obscure, vintage productions from Japan and other parts of Asia. This year, Damon discussed rare superhero movies from all over the world, and Japanese daikaiju fantasies that pre-date the Godzilla series. All this, plus enough funny videos that kept everybody laughing up a storm.

Kaiju Konfessions

(4:00 PM, Ballroom 2) – The traditional farewell to G-FEST, headed by the indefatigable Stan Hyde. Song sheets were provided. Fans “got down” and did the Kaiju Boogie, the Farou Island Swing, and the Yongary Itchy Dance!