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Archive: G-FEST XIV Guests

The following special guests appeared at G-FEST XIV.

Rhodes Reason

Guest of Honor: Rhodes Reason

Rhodes Reason is well known to G-fans for his portrayal of Commander Carl Nelson in the 1967 movie King Kong Escapes. His film and television credits number in excess of 230 appearances. Of particular interest to sci-fi fans is his role in the Star Trek episode “Bread and Circuses.” Mr. Reason held a moderated presentation/Q & A session where he shared his memories of working with director Ishiro Honda, as well as his co-stars Akira Takarada, Mie Hama, Linda Miller, Hideo Amamoto, and of course, King Kong, Gorosaurus and Mechanikong. He was available for autographs on Saturday afternoon.

Shelley Sweeney

Special Guest: Shelley Sweeney

Shelley Sweeney is a Canadian actress living in Japan. Over the past fourteen years, she has appeared in several Toho Godzilla movies, more than any other foreign actor. Her biggest role was as Katherine Berger, one of the pilots of Mechagodzilla in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2. She also had roles in Godzilla vs. Destroyah, Godzilla 2000, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, and played the captain of the battleship Eclaire in Godzilla: Final Wars. She also played a role in an episode of Ultraman Tiga. Ms. Sweeney held a moderated presentation/Q & A session to share her memories of working at Toho Studios with such directors as Takao Okawara and Ryuhei Kitamura. She was available for autographs on Saturday afternoon.

Robert Scott Field

Special Guest: Robert Scott Field

Scott has become an integral part of G-FEST since he first attended in 1999. The star of Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah was honored last year by receiving the coveted Mangled Skyscraper Award. Each year, G-FEST attendees look forward to renewing their friendship with Scott, and hearing about the latest happenings in the Land of the Rising Sun. Scott offered a presentation, and was available for autographs on Saturday (and all weekend long, for that matter).

Donald F. Glut

Special Guest: Donald F. Glut

Donald F. Glut has been professionally active in both the entertainment and publishing industries since 1966 having authored numerous motion picture and television scripts including Shazam!, Land of the Lost, Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, and many others. He has produced, written and directed various videos, theatre and movie projects, and worked as a consultant on Roger Corman’s movie Carnosaur. Donald is also known internationally for his work with dinosaurs, lecturing on dinosaurs at museums and universities in the USA and Europe.

Carl Craig

Special Guest: Carl Craig

Carl Craig who played boy scout Jim Morgan in Gamera vs. Viras, returned for his third visit to G-FEST. Athough Carl didn’t have ambitions of becoming an actor in 1968, he nevertheless became a celebrity to friends and fellow children in Japan. He later became a US Air Force pilot and then a US Customs Service pilot. Carl still fondly remembers his one acting role to this day, and is kind enough to share his memories of Gamera vs. Viras with his many fans. Mr. Craig’s appearance was sponsored by Monsterland Toys.

Reiko Yamada

Special Guest: Reiko Yamada

Reiko Yamada currently serves as principal keyboard of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. As a recitalist and chamber musician, she has performed extensively in the United States and Japan. During her studies at the Tokyo College of Music, Yamada studied under Akira Ifukube and in more recent years, she met with Ifukube several times to discuss his scores in preparation for performances of his music. On Saturday Reiko Yamada gave a live concert of Akira Ifukube’s non-genre music.

J.D. Lees

Special Guest: J.D. Lees

G-FAN editor J.D. Lees was present at G-FEST XIV all weekend.