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Archive: G-FEST XII Schedule

The 2005 Convention

Registration opened at 11:00 AM on Friday, while the video room (open to all) opened at noon. The H-Man screened at the Pickwick at 2:00 PM. Kid’s programming began at 4:00 PM, and sessions began at 5:00 PM, with most rooms, gaming, video gaming, displays, etc. open by 7:00 PM. The dealers room opened to the public at 6:30 PM and closed at 9:00 PM. Godzilla vs. Hedorah followed the opening ceremonies at the Pickwick at 10:00 PM. On Saturday, all events were underway by 10:00 AM. Godzilla: Finals Wars made its debut at the Pickwick at 10:00 PM.

Other events at G-FEST XII:

Destroy All Monsters Melee

Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

An elimination tournament to determine the champion kaiju brawler on Earth. Friday was devoted to practice and exhibition games while sign-up took place, then on Saturday morning the tournament began. The tournament used the X-BOX system. Facilitator: Mike McCants.

Clash Of The Kaiju

A miniature battles game, with each player running one or more kaiju. Players destroyed cities, crushed weak human forces, or fought each other. No experience was required, easy set-up. Twenty different creatures and a few surprises as well! A fun time for players of all ages. Facilitator: Doug Johnson.

Godzilla Rules!

Another role-playing kaiju game. No experience was required, easy set-up. Always a hit at G-FEST. Facilitator: Randy Giesey.


G-Kids’ Thread

A weekend full of kaiju-related activities for young kids in a room called Minya’s Place. Organized and supervised at all times. It was one of the most action-packed rooms at G-FEST XII. Facilitator: Barb Weiler.

Coloring Contest

For the twelve and under set, noon Saturday at Minya’s Place.

Awards Lunch

1:00 PM to 2:30 PM on Sunday. Contest winners received their prizes, and the recipient of the coveted Mangled Skyscraper Award was honored.

Titanosaurus Society Meeting

8:00 PM, Sunday. G-FEST’s annual “Dead Dogzilla Party,” for those who just couldn’t accept that it was over for another year. G-Fan’s relived convention glories, griped about convention inadequacies, or simply grooved to the inimitable strains of Ifukube melodies.