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G-FAN Magazine Subscriptions

Subscriptions to G-FAN magazine are available from Daikaiju Enterprises, ensuring that you never miss an issue. Subscribers are also treated to special contests, prizes and premiums. The price is only $25.00 for four issues or $45.00 for eight issues. Issues of G-FAN are mailed in a sturdy brown envelope with no mailing label placed on the cover and generally arrive in the mail before they hit the newsstands.

You can subscribe online with PayPal. Click on your preferred choice below to pay online. (If you are not a PayPal member, you will be required to set up a free, safe and secure account).


G-FAN One Year Subscription

Four Issues: $25.00 (U.S.)

G-FAN Two Year Subscription

Eight Issues: $45.00 (U.S.)

G-FAN One Year International Subscription

Four Issues: $35.00 (U.S.)