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G-FAN #123

Spring 2019

  • Godzilla the Planet Eater
  • Unseen Godzilla!
  • G-Merchandise Mania
  • G-FAN Kaiju Scrapbook
  • In Mortal Engines the Cities are the Kaiju
  • Beyond White Space
  • When Brontosaurus was Monstrous
  • Eight Things to Love About Frankenstein Conquers the World
  • Stateside Toho: Frankenstein Conquers the World
  • Pressbook Reproduction: Frankenstein Conquers the World
  • The DNA of Tokusatsu in Tokyo
  • Moby Dick vs. Godzilla
  • Fiction: Destroy All Kaiju!
  • “So Ya Wanna be a Kaiju…”
  • G-FAN’s Kaiju Bookshelf
  • Godzilla the Planet Eater (Encore)
  • Dojo Scope
  • G-FAN Connection
  • All Monster Toys Attack! and more!

Available in comic and specialty stores, or by subscription.