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G-FAN #98

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G-FAN #98

Released: Winter, 2011
Page Count: 80 pages
Cover Artwork: John Fasano
Back Issue: Available



  • Settling the Score on Kaiju Composers by David Fuentes
  • Humor in Godzilla Films by David Fuentes
  • A Field Day at G-FEST XVIII by Mark Matzke
  • Godzilla 2012: A Script is Born by Jon Paulo
  • A New Kind of Ultra-film by John LeMay
  • Mechagodzilla Conquers Ginza by Brett Homenick
  • Godzilla the Social Critic Part 2 by Sean Rhoads
  • Cloudy, With a 30% Chance of Kaiju by Michael Bogue
  • Kaiju Double Feature Viewing Party Group Wants You! by Jeff Horne
  • What if King Kong had Fought the Sea Monster? by Lyle Huckins
  • Controlling Crises – A Character Retrospect of Mitsuo Katagiri by Peter Lovold
  • Triumphant Triumvirate: Godzilla’s Dinosaurian ‘Progenitors’ by Allen A. Debus
  • Requiem For a Kaiju – Analysis of the Godzilla: Final Wars Complete Score by Jordan Guichaux
  • Megapython versus Gatoroid Review by Lyle Huckins


  • Criterion takes on Godzilla
  • G-FEST XIX in the offing
  • New Mad Scientist released
  • G-FEST XVIII gone, but not forgotten
  • G-FEST finally enters the 21st century
  • G-FEST 2011 Costume Wrap-up by Paul Gavins
  • All Monster Toys Attack! – new toy report by Steve Agin

Fan Fiction

  • The Journal of Dr. Rex Summeral: King Kong vs. Frankenstein Part 3 – The Future by Skip Peel
  • “Wake Up, Kalamazoo!” by Chad Kroll

G-FAN Junior

  • Monsters on the Fly
  • Kaiju Movie Actor Showcase
  • Kaiju Kidz’ Art
  • Kaiju Photo Fun
  • My Favorite Monster


  • J.D.’s Media Reviews