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G-FAN #86

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G-FAN #86

Released: Winter, 2008
Page Count: 72 pages
Cover Artwork: Todd Tennant
Centerspread Artwork: John Belloti Jr.
Back Issue: Available



  • Godzilla and Friends III by Ryan Clark
  • Godzilla 1998: A Second Look by Michael Bogue
  • How I Felt About ACen by Robert Axelrod
  • G-FAN Retro Review – Attack of the Crab Monsters by Michael Bogue
  • G-FEST XV Report by Armand Vaquer and staff writers
  • G-FEST 2008 Costume Parade Roundup by Paul Gavins
  • My G-FEST XV Experience by Lyle Huckins
  • The Show Must Go On! by Jonathan Morris
  • G-FAN Spotlight on Atami Castle by Armand Vaquer


  • Interview with actor, Hiroshi Fujioka by Brett Homenick
  • Interview with actor, Yutaka Hayashi by Brett Homenick
  • Interview with actor, Robert Horton by Brett Homenick
  • Interview with Gojira vocalist/guitarist, Joe Duplantier by Jarret Keene
  • Interview with director, Minoru Kawasaki by Jörg Buttgereit


  • Comic poked fun at G-FAN centerspread
  • New G-FEST prices
  • New kaiju game coming
  • Godzilla gaming on the horizon
  • Toho called “aggressive” in Godzilla trademark tiffs

Product Reviews

  • Book Review – Godzilla vs. Rikao Yanagita by Jason Meininger

Fan Fiction

  • Tales of King Komodo - Episode 4 by Michael Bogue and Todd Tennant


  • Kaiju Singalong Time!
  • Kaiju Treats
  • 3D Kaiju Fun
  • Godzilla Appears in Northern California
  • Kaiju Poetry Corner
  • G-FEST Trivia Quiz 2008
  • G-FEST XVI Details