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G-FAN #82

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G-FAN #82

Released: Winter, 2008
Page Count: 68 pages
Cover Artwork: Ryan Lengyel
Back Cover Artwork: Matt Harris
Centerspread Artwork: Jolyon Yates
Back Issue: Available



  • Kawaii! JeNny by Daisuke Ishizuka
  • Mothra’s Metamorphosis
  • Nakano Autobiography Launched by Daisuke Ishizuka
  • G-FAN Retro Review – The Giant Behemoth by Michael Bogue
  • Real Life Rodans – And Other Supposedly True Tales of Terror on the Wing by John LeMay
  • Godzilla: A Father - Son Tradition by Jesse Berberich
  • G-FAN Retro Review – Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman by Michael Bogue
  • For What it’s Worth: The Passing of a G-Convert by Michael Bogue
  • G-FAN Spotlight on Shibuya by Armand Vaquer
  • What Would Happen? ‘When Aliens Attack’ G-FEST! by Evan Sizemore
  • Unwittingly Western: Two Shining Knights by Allen A. Debus
  • Ultraman Festival 2007 by Daisuke Ishizuka


  • Interview with director, R.J. Kizer by Brett Homenick
  • Interview with actor, Rhodes Reason by Brett Homenick
  • Interview with actress, Linda Haynes by Brett Homenick
  • Interview with Stephanie Shayne Parkin, daughter of actor Robert Shayne by Armand Vaquer


  • Godzilla’s cameo
  • G-bits
  • All Monster Toys Attack! – new toy report by Steve Agin


  • Friends and Foes of Godzilla by J.D. Lees and Jeff Rebner
  • G-FEST XV Details
  • G-FEST 2007 Trivia Test