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G-Force #8

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Released: March/April 1994
Page Count: 48 pages
Back Issue: Sold out



  • Master Modeler by Robert Marshall
  • Masao Inoue: How to Make a Monster translation by Akiko Ono
  • Chronology and Conundrums - Part 1: Godzilla by Tom Miller
  • Godzilla and the Second World War – A Study in the Allegorical Meaning of the First Two Godzilla Films
    by John Rocco Roberto and Robert Biondi
  • Godzilla 6: What’s Next? – Speculation on the Next Godzilla Film by Robert Biondi


  • Godzilla lives!
  • Godzilla’s next foe
  • R/C Mothra unveiled
  • Toho sets the date
  • Godzilla tramples opponents for top spot
  • Godzilla spotted on Animaniacs, again! by John Rocco Roberto
  • Godzilla on the horizon by Wil Glass
  • The Godzilla Report by Robert F. Carlin II
  • Bouken Gojiland for kids, and foreign Goji-lovers

Product Reviews

  • Product Review – Meiji’s Godzilla Gum by J.D. Lees
  • Book Review – McFarland and Co., Inc.’s Japanese Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films
    by Chad Neuping
  • Product Review – Horizon’s Godzilla 14" Vinyl Action Figure by John Rocco Roberto

Fan Fiction

  • Godzilla vs. Gigan by Kelly Philipsen
  • Godzilla vs. Supra by Matthew Maslanka
  • Time Disaster by Kelly Philipsen
  • G-Girl – The Ultimate Weapon Against Godzilla by Akiyoshi Furukido


  • Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla ’94 Photo Gallery
  • The Models of G-Project
  • Designs on Mechagodzilla
  • G-week on TV
  • Koichi Kawakita: Master of Monsters