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G-FAN #68

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G-FAN #68

Released: Summer, 2004
Page Count: 100 pages
Cover Artwork: Jim Strate
Centerspread Artwork: Chris Scalf
Back Cover Artwork: Jerry Lange
Back Issue: Sold out



  • Box Office Blast For Godzilla!
  • Godzilla – Pop Cultural Superstar! by Allen A. Debus
  • Mr. Explosion – Teruyoshi Nakano by Daisuke Ishizuka
  • G-FAN DVD Recommendations by J.D. Lees
  • Godzilla: Made in Hollywood by Armand Vaquer
  • Godzilla Preyed Here by Armand Vaquer
  • Kaiju in Long-Gone Theaters in the San Fernando Valley: A 50th Anniversary Remembrance
    by Armand Vaquer
  • Who Held Up the Invasion? – The Mystery of Monster Zero by Michael Bogue
  • The Terror of Henry Saperstein by J.D. Lees
  • Monster Zero For Mods by Michael Bogue
  • The Unofficial Godzilla Addendum by J.D. Lees
  • The Globe Meter by David McRobie
  • Godzilla’s Ancient Origins by Jerry Peterson
  • Kaiju Quotations by Michael Bogue
  • Weird Godzilla Stills
  • Godzilla’s Serious Side by J.D. Lees
  • Godzilla’s Ray: Frequency of Use


  • Final Wars line-up revealed
  • Milestone for G-composer
  • Godzilla bits
  • G-FEST XI notes

Product Reviews

  • DVD Review – ADV Film’s Destroy All Monsters - 50th Anniversary Edition by Armand Vaquer

Fan Fiction

  • Cobalt Blues by Todd Shields
  • Taiko by Jim Phillips
  • Down With Us by Jolyon Yates
  • The Journal of Dr. Rex Summeral: The Gutload Diamond by Skip Peel
  • Gfantis Lives! by Timothy Gagnon, edited by J.D. Lees


  • G-FEST XI Details