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G-FAN #54

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G-FAN #54

Released: January/February 2002
Page Count: 84 pages
Cover/Back Cover Artwork: Jim Strate
Centerspread Artwork: Mario Giguere
Back Issue: Available



  • Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack by Armand Vaquer
  • Yoshikazu Ishii directs G-film by Daisuke Ishizuka
  • When Roman Centurions Attack – The War in Space, A Retrospective by Teddy Johnson
  • Kumonga’s Western Antecedents by Michael Bogue
  • Godzilla Invades The Marvel Universe by Patrick Green
  • Japan’s Father of Fantasy by Peter H. Brothers
  • Giant Robo – A Complete Synopsis of all 26 Episodes - Part 2 by Keith Sewell and Lenell Bridges
  • The Aurora Godzilla – Or How an Otherwise Normal Child Became Happily Obsessed by Scott Lewis


  • G-FEST 2001 video available
  • G-TOUR info coming
  • No supermonsters?
  • Toho boss pans G-films
  • The Godzilla Report by John Tucky, Tom Dougherty, Bill Gallager, and Alan Wataguchi

Product Reviews

  • Video Game Review – Sega’s Godzilla Generations and Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact for Sega Dreamcast by Eric Bratcher

Fan Fiction

  • In Search of Rex Summeral by Skip Peel
  • The Phoenix Effect by George Carle


  • An Ogasawara Christmas by Stan G. Hyde
  • Sanda vs. Gaila – War of the Gargantuas by Jeff Rebner
  • G-FEST 2001 Trivia Contest
  • The Models of G-FEST 2001
  • The Videos of G-FEST 2001