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G-FAN #32

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G-FAN #32

Released: March/April 1998
Page Count: 68 pages
Cover Artwork: Jim Strate
Back Issue: Sold out



  • Godzilla’s Serious Side by J.D. Lees
  • Godzilla Talk – The Not-So-Fine Art of English Dubbing in Japanese Monster Movies by Steve Ryfle
  • A G-FAN Retrospective – War of the Gargantuas by Richard Pusateri
  • Miscellaneous G-goods by J.D. Lees
  • Toho Tunes 6 – Godzilla to Jet Jaguar de Punch, Punch, Punch by Norman England


  • Interview with actor, Robert Scott Feld by Norman England


  • Fans win one for the big G
  • G-FEST ’98 looks best yet!
  • Exhibs raise stink over Sony B.O. grab
  • The TriStar Godzilla Report – Supposed “sting” proves controversial
  • G-bits
  • Books and ’zines of interest
  • Japanese monster avalanche to be released on video
  • G-FAN contributors launch projects

Product Reviews

  • CD Review – GNP/Crescendo’s The Best of Godzilla 1954-1975 Original Film Soundtracks
    by Richard Pusateri
  • Video Review – ADV Films’ Gamera: Guardian of the Universe by David Coleman

Fan Fiction

  • The Journal of Dr. Rex Summeral: The Museum of Kaiju Memorabilia by Skip Peel
  • Legacy of Hedorah by Patrick Green


  • G-FAN Crossword by K. R. Keefauver
  • All Kaiju Elimination Tournament 1998 by Jean Carbajal
  • Welcome to Ultraworld
  • G-FEST ’98 Details
  • G-fan Connection
  • Tony Revelas Gallery