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G-FAN #15

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G-FAN #15

Released: May/June 1995
Page Count: 68 pages
Cover/Back Cover Artwork: Chris Scalf
Back Issue: Sold out



  • Gamera vs. Godzilla – Upstart Turtle Takes “Round 1” by Ed Godziszewski
  • Gamera Breathes New Life Into Genre – “…Best Since Destroy All Monsters” by Steve Ryfle
  • The Otaku View… Ka-Whirrrrr by Hikari Takeda
  • Godzilla in America – A Critical Comparison Between the American and Japanese Versions of the Godzilla Films – Part 5: Monster Island! by Robert Biondi and John Rocco Roberto
  • Pal’s Dad Unlocks Secrets of the Genre by Evan Baker


  • Interview with UPA Productions president, Henry G. Saperstein
    by John Rocco Roberto and Guy Mariner Tucker


  • Godzilla to be “destroyed”
  • Gamera holding his own
  • New Ultra-series in production
  • Godzilla does double duty for Dark Horse
  • Trendmasters’ Mothra out: replacements on the way
  • The Godzilla Report

Product Reviews

  • Video Review – VCI Home Video’s Varan the Unbelievable by Brian Culver
  • Laserdisc Review – Toho Laserdisc’s Godzilla, The Death Battle Chronicle Box Set by Patrick J. McGrath
  • CD Review – King Record Co., Ltd.’s Ostinato by Robert Biondi
  • Product Review – Trendmasters’ Godzilla and Enemies Action Figures
    by Robert Biondi and John Rocco Roberto
  • CD Review – Kitty/Polygram Records’ Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla Original Soundtrack
    by John Rocco Roberto
  • Book Review – Shogakukan’s The Films of Eiji Tsuburaya by Ed Godziszewski
  • Book Review – Image Publishing’s When Dinosaurs Ruled the Screen by Michael Keller
  • Book Review – Bantam Spectra’s Gojiro by Patrick B. McKeown
  • Product Review – Bandai’s Godzilla 1954 1/250 Scale Plastic Kit by Robert Biondi

Fan Fiction

  • Battles of Godzilla by Chris Scalf
  • Ebirah vs. the Giant Chef From Space by John Marshall
  • Power Rangers vs. Godzilla by Christopher and Amy Elam
  • The Legend of King Kong vs. Mothra (As Told in the Folklore of Infant Island) by Skip Peel
  • The Attack of the Super-Allosaurus - Part 1 by Neil Riebe


  • Japan Earthquake Relief
  • Kaiju Report Cards
  • Article of Articles by Max Della Mora
  • G-series Who’s Who
  • G-fan Connection
  • G-CON ’95 Details