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G-FAN #131

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G-FAN #131

Released: Spring, 2021
Page Count: 84 pages
Cover Artwork: Todd Tennant
Back Issue: Available



  • The Weirdest G-film Turns Fifty by Jason Strangis
  • Floating Ideas Re. Godzilla’s Aquatic Antics by Timo Rose and J.D. Lees
  • Godzilla: Trinity - Delving Deeper Into Godzilla’s Dinosaurian Origins by Allen A. Debus
  • The Revised Secret History of Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds by John LeMay
  • Advent of the Golden Demise by John LeMay
  • Ultraman Taro vs. Ultraman Leo - Dynamic Change by George Neal
  • The Final War - No Metaphors Allowed by Michael Bogue
  • Godzilla Fan Survey Results by Dalton Cooper
  • Godzilla - The Deity of Destruction by Alyssa Mitchell
  • Big Octopus Review by Lyle Huckins
  • Ultraman’s Turn? by George Neal
  • Shin Ultraman Trailer Looks Very Promising
  • The Champion Festival Versions: Godzilla Mothra King Ghidorah by John LeMay
  • Kaiju Kollectibles
  • All Monster Toys Attack! by Steve Agin
  • G-FAN’s Kaiju Bookshelf
  • G-Goods Round-up!


  • Interview with stop-motion artist, Cressa Maeve Beer


  • At long last Godzilla vs. Kong hits screens
  • Voting in Rondo Awards now open
  • G-FEST a no go again
  • Exciting discovery!
  • Godzilla: Singular Point debuts in Japan

Fan Fiction

  • In Those Footsteps by P.S. Traum
  • Harvest Time - Part 1 by Neil Riebe
  • Kongfantis by Jeff Rebner and J.D. Lees


  • G-TOUR 4 Details
  • King Kong vs. Godzilla Poster