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G-FAN #112

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G-FAN #113

Released: Summer, 2016
Page Count: 68 pages
Cover Artwork: John Bellotti Jr.
Back Issue: Available



  • Shin Godzilla: Monstrous Masterpiece? by Robert Monsarrat
  • Shin Godzilla - This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Big G! by Stan Hyde
  • Spirits of Change - A Look at Shin Godzilla by Dr. Ayame Chiba
  • New Additions For Your Kaiju Library
  • Kaiju Haiku by Barbara Murphy
  • Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds by John LeMay
  • The Old Shell Game - Gamera’s Pixelated Adventures by Dr. Ayame Chiba


  • Happy times at G-FEST XXIII
  • G-TOUR 3.5 delights fans
  • Shin Godzilla opens strong
  • Second Mothra fairy passes on
  • Rumblings from American kaiju
  • All Monster Toys Attack! - new toy report by Steve Agin

Fan Fiction

  • GFantis vs. Legendary Beast Werewolf - In the Shadow of the ROCS by Matthew Dennion


  • G-FEST XXIII in Pictures